Your brand identity, integrity, and promotion are not the only features
that contribute to business success. Your product or service must fit the buying
power of your chosen customer segments, they must consider it affordable. The
competition helps you recognize what is important: no sale, no business.

There is a role that competitors play to keep you focussed on being the
preferred provider. Knowing that there are others doing the same thing you do, in
the same harsh environment, but striving to do it better, helps you to build a business
model that reflects awareness that business playing fields are level! The ones
that come out tops – in spite of all challenges – do so not merely because they
put in more work, but majorly because they are committed to amazing customers via
INNOVATIVE thinking.

It all begins with revelation knowledge, a vision that encapsulates a
desire to meet specific buyer needs, not just to make money. Then you allow efficiency
be part of your mantra, establisha culture of excellence, set strategiesto
assure cost reduction yet sustain product quality, implement policies that promote justice, reward competence,
andassure optimal staff performance.

provide the benchmark that bring out in you the kind of entrepreneurthat aligns internalelements
of the organization with external factors over which you have no control; the
kind that goes where others do not want to so that you can shield buyers from
the vagaries of the market and the environment. You become the business leader
who redefines Customer Satisfaction.