This is
what unlocks audacious faith: knowledge of Who God is – His character, capability
and competence, His promises, His will and His plans and purposes. Faith in God begins when He is known, all about Him is found in His Word.
But faith is not automatic, it comes by ‘hearing,
therefore, position yourself to hear His undiluted Word constantly and
continuously so that your heart becomes a treasure chest. How can you have believe
in, or trust, One of Whom you have not heard?

Those who benefit from knowing God have
spent time in deliberate pursuit of His Way, not just His Hand. These make faith
a project that needs continuous building, they study God’s word until
they are approved because they have an apt word stored in their heart and mind that
fits every situation. Every current word of God they hear is mixed with the
faith in them built up from previous encounters with His word. Their faith in
God grows, being confident He hears them because they do as His word guides.
Even if He chooses not to fulfil a specific desire, by faith they know it shall
be well anyway for He likely has a better plan, one more beneficial than
anything they can think or imagine.

Every time you seek to know God, that
knowledge will be tested. Should you have financial challenges
with the business, seek out His word on provision, meditate on it, speak it
boldly, believe it and test it by taking bold steps, in faith. You will find
that it works. God’s word never fails, those who know Him are sufficiently
aware of the power in His word to not doubt its efficacy.

The words
of Jim Rohn, “The Bible is as much spiritual as practical” are weighty and
true. God’s word is the constitution of
the earth, the measure by which all men and matters will be judged. When God’s word states that a land is without
truth, mercy or justice where there is no knowledge of Him, it is a
declaration of TRUTH. Swearing, languishing,
killing, adultery, mourning and much calamity befalls that land and the people
are destroyed for rejecting knowledge of God.

Is this not
what now pervades our societies, worldwide? Have values found in God’s
Word – tried and tested universally to work for the progress of man on earth – not
become increasingly unpopular? Without prejudice to race, religion or class,
proof of lawlessness – streams of weakness and wickedness – abound in media,
the Internet and especially in homes and on the streets. Truly, as prophesied,
darkness has covered the earth, ‘and deep
darkness the people’.
Children of the Father of Lights need now arise and
let their light shine for others to be saved. The world awaits your revealing,
but you must know Him to be poised and
able to do exploits on His behalf.

If you knew
from pursuit of knowledge of God in His word that Babylon and Jerusalem
are not just cities but also represent Systems, would it make a
difference to how you start, conduct and sustain your business venture? You
would know that, regardless of what things look like currently, the one which is
of the Kingdom of Darkness will fall, be broken in pieces and give way to the other
which is of the Kingdom of God. Knowing that you represent the latter, the
mountain to which many would eventually come to be taught the ways of God when
all else is failing, would you be wise and ‘come out of’ the former,
that you and your business neither partake of her sins nor receive of her

What you do
not know CAN hurt you!