Knowledge that you are an ambassador of
God’s Kingdom on earth
, a citizen of Heaven with rights, access and
authority grants you access to His provision when you engage set protocols. You
know the seat of government is in Heaven, the Constitution is the Word of God and that you are as endowed as the
country you represent where nothing is lacking. Your pursuit of Kingdom agenda causes
everything you need to be ‘added on’.

God created each one of us with a purpose
in mind and with ability to fulfil it. Who you may have become is not
necessarily your true identity. Discovery of your purpose, the original intent
of the Creator for your existence, exposes who you should become. This is key
to fulfilment, to a prosperous and successful life. The world is waiting for you
to be ‘revealed’.

You are positioned as a business leader to be a channel
of God’s love
, to hear Him speak concerning your stakeholders out of
love for them and His desire to see them prosper. He instructs, directs, corrects,
and informs of His thoughts and plans, so you may all tap into His goodness.

Everything concerning us – what was, is, and will
be – has already been foretold and will be found by a diligent search into the
books of the prophets in Scripture. God’s Spirit,
by Whose inspiration they spoke guides us to precise words that have to do with
us. Find your own word, agree with it, and declare it always; meditate on it day and night, and be guided on the path where all things are
available to edify your business venture, and ‘have good success’.

As a child of covenant, it is your primary
responsibility to reconcile
men to the Father, tear them
from the stranglehold of the one who would strip them of all that is rightfully
theirs. Doing what is written concerning you will cause your life to reflect
His goodness and draw those who see you to your God, that they too may enjoy His

With revelation of who you are to become, you
will know your mission in life, the precise work you are to do and
not become a victim who strays from your place like a bird wandering from its
nest, deceived from your
own garden. You will function in a specific place and become a god in your
place of assignment
, just like Isaac in Gerar, Joseph in Egypt, Moses
in the wilderness, and Daniel in Babylonian captivity.

you believe what God said and is saying about you and allow it tomanifest through you, divine purpose will
be accomplished and you will make the impact you were destined to – in life and
business. As a trailblazer pass through gates, prepare the way for people,
remove barriers and set standards on earth according to blueprints which work
for success, literally creating heaven on earth.