As God’s son you rule over the
elements, speak to storms, call into your hands resources to meet every need
and defeat lack and poverty. Even when overwhelmed with challenges, as a speaking
you continuously say what you hear and do what the Father
approves, knowing what others do not and this: since all that concerns you must
be accomplished, you will come out of every situation a victor. You discern
spiritual things because you have the mind of Christ.

The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Darkness battle
for dominion on earth
through the one given mandate. God’s enemy wants to
control earth’s resources by using man’s influence. By deception Satan
initiates rebellion against God, a compromise of faith in Him. He knows the
power of dominion over earth resides in man, therefore, He targets leaders –
Heads of government, CEOs of Companies, Business Owner/ Managers etc. – to subject
them to himself and rule through them. If the head will not succumb to his
lies, he goes through another with influence over his target, just as at Eden. His
agents [devils and unclean
spirits] wander the earth, seeking hosts – their source of strength and
sustenance – to work his agenda on earth.

Knowing the power innate in you, do not allow
this. You need not fear evil
spirits, Jesus already gave you power over them.You have an Advocate
interceding for you with the Father, your faith shields you from evil darts and
machinations to thwart your business interests. God’s
word in your mouth is a weapon
. By it command everything in heaven, on
earth and under the earth to align with God’s word for you and bow
to the
name of Jesus.

You have the very life of God – the same Zoe
Jesus exhibited on earth. Your new status grants you access to a world
of dominion, a world of signs and wonders where God’s super overlays your natural
and you are enabled to run the business according to God’s original plan for
the Sector. You imbibe the character of the New Man and bear the fruits of the
Holy Spirit in you: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness,
goodness, faith, meekness and self-control.
These constitute the values
by which you conduct all business, it is your new culture.

Every of God’s ‘exceedingly great and precious promises’
is already yours to claim as you feed on His word and mature from child
to son. By divine guidance you succeed at business management, whatever you lay
your hands on prospers because you carry Excellency, the Spirit of God.

To function effectively in the spirit realm you
need speak the language which joins you to this specie. You need
the same quickening Apostle Paul experienced when he prayed in
tongues. His regenerated spirit prayed, and he received much of the revelation
of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. If you rest your prayer life in what you
understand only, you may ask amiss [not knowing precisely what to pray] and fail
to access mysterious things of God’s Kingdom which grant advantage in this
world – things beyond your ken. When you pray in tongues, God’s Spirit,
the greatest Search Engine ever, makes intercession for you and you get
results. Even if you do not pray this way, your true self knows God responds to
only one prayer language, one of faith and love which rejoices in victory not
seen, never imagining defeat.