We who are given the gift of the Holy Spirit need engage the
help of the One who knows the mind and heart of God
to reveal what has
been, what is, and what is to come when we ‘have
inquired and searched carefully’
. Knowledge of His will for us, the
strategic intent for our enterprise is a gradual discovery as we search
Scripture and worship the Almighty.

has a blueprint for success in every sphere of life and living. By regular and
true Christian fellowship with the Holy Spirit, you can focus on Christ and His
desires and goals for us. Should you desire to build on earth according to
heavenly pattern you must be practical in your spirituality. By it you will
recognise opportunities for wealth generation where it is hidden from those
unable or unwilling to connect with their spirituality and pursue until wealth
is created and sustained. Knowing God does nothing outside of His word, do not
underestimate the power of the prophetic word, knowledge of what God has already
done [what has been].
For instance, If you did not know that Jesus already destroyed the works of the
devil, that Christ gave you power and authority over all evil spirits, you
would likely become afraid when the enemy comes against you, orchestrating all
kinds of trouble for you in the marketplace. Studying and meditating on God’s
word grants knowledge of things settled in heaven; by this revelation you take
charge, claim the victory already secured for you by confidently confessing the
appropriate ‘forceful’ word, and taking corresponding action, in faith.

current knowledge can you expect to receive from the Holy Spirit? Knowing what
makes things easy.

·  Solutions
to specific challenges.

·  Answers
to specific questions.

·  What
decisions to make and actions to take in specific circumstances.

·  Divine
direction on specific places to go, persons to meet, to achieve specific

·  What
to say in specific situations that will diffuse tension, even curry

not short-changed yourself by caging Holy Spirit influence over you to
spiritual matters only. As you tune your spirit to the frequency of heaven, you
are led by His Spirit to know what is ordained to be; you navigate the path
that leads to your destiny. Acknowledging you are a weak vessel causes divine
enablement to be poured into you. To walk is normal, even to run, but to fly,
one needs instruction. If, by divine instruction, you drill where you thought
to find oil and there is none, you may well find gold there because you were

world is in turmoil. All that is to come has already been. God’s people
experience the same conditions that engender job losses, business failures,
etc. as unbelievers do, just as rain falls on the righteous and the
unrighteous. But there is a safety net in
because of the exemption clause in their covenant with Him. There
is also a way of escape if you play your part. Light shines best in the dark, by
the power of revelation children of the Father of lights must now arise, call
forth light out of darkness, enter purpose, do works by faith and shine. Daniels
must arise in the political arena to assure that unholy laws are not passed,
laws that favour the super-rich, allow them to appropriate for private use the
resources meant for the people and make business start-up and sustenance challenging;
Johns must arise in the Body of Christ, prophets who will separate
themselves to hear words from the mouth of the Alpha and Omega about ‘the
things which will take place’
; problem-solvers like Joseph
must arise to lead government departments and agencies; Jacobs
must arise in the corporate world, men able to download strategies for
multiplication of wealth from the heavenly realm to solve earth’s problems.

Things of God are
not visible to the physical eyes, they are spiritually discerned, revealed by His
Spirit who searches ‘the deep things of
Do not be like those who spent forty years
waiting to enter God’s rest because of their unbelief, not seeing with eyes of
faith in the power of the One who gave them the land.
By audacious faith
you have tangible ‘substance’ of the
things you expect to receive, ‘evidence
of things not seen’
; if you trust God to reveal these things to you by His Spirit,
youare led to the place of provision where profitability abounds,
of protection where you are warned ahead of threats to the well-being
of your business such as yet-to-be-devised government policies. Pay attention.

You cannot engage mental alertness, positive thinking or any
other blindfold of the idols of this world to receive solutions from God. The
world has moved from brawn to brain, but
you must switch to divinity. There are excellent things in God’s word long
hidden from the world-wise and prudent, wondrous things which the eyes of faith
only may see. If your current state does not look anything like what God said
ask for eyes of faith to see, for by strong faith you can see with heavenly
perspective beyond the present. Then your heart will make true and right
judgment, having good understanding of God’s will; you will know what you must
do, your actions will be rightly guided.