In the next few posts we will examine the subject of disciple-ship of nations, why we need draw men to God, how this may be achieved, the cost and the reward. This assignment is for every believer; we are all ministers of God, evangelists, predestined, chosen to show His glory, mandated to recover the lost. All authority was given to Jesus, and He chose to give all to us, to use not for our selfish end, but to benefit mankind. God orchestrates an arising that we may shine.

Why draw men to God?

* He wills it so. God does not want any soul to perish, but that all should repent 2Pet.3:9 and turn to Him. Hell was not created for men. Jesus is the Good Shepherd who must bring the sheep to His Father. In Christ we have like mandate. God’s desire to have one fold Jn.10:16 caused Him to sacrifice His only begotten Son to atone for all sin, that whoever believes in Him will have everlasting life Jn.3:15-16. Those to whom much was given need share the goodness of God.

* He commands it so. Jesus sent His disciples and all who believe Him to reap the harvest of souls, for the fields are ripe Jn.4:35, 38.

At end of His sojourn on earth, He commanded that we go and do same, teaching men to observe His words Mt.28:19-20. If we would obey His command to love God and our neighbours as ourselves, we would be on fire to recover lost souls, desiring that not even those who hate us miss the gift of salvation.

* It is His rescue mission. Jude admonished brethren to have compassion on lost souls and pull them out of fire Jude.22-24. Jesus, the Day spring, when preached gives ‘light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death’ and guides them into the way of peace Lk.1:79. God chose a people to represent Him on earth, a Kingdom of priests to praise He who called us ‘out of darkness into His marvellous Light’ 1Pet.2:9. The redeemed may exercise power over all spirits, being seated far above principalities, powers, rulers of darkness of this age and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places. Not so for the sons of disobedience who are not restored to the image of God.

* Salvation is the route to actualising their calling, the purpose for their creation; by it they receive grace to solve specific problems 2Tim.1:9. How much better the world would be if everyone knew and was engaged being and doing what they were called to be and do.

* It is their gateway to His Kingdom. Prophet Obadiah proclaimed that Zion is the place of deliverance, where every man will possess his possession Obad.17. Zion represents God’s Kingdom. By His grace, believers have become children, partakers of the inheritance of the saints, translated into the Kingdom of His Son Col.1:12-13. Children are entitled; servants cannot expect to receive a bequest, or enjoy the abundant life Christ died to secure for those in covenant with God: ‘power and riches and wisdom, and strength and honour and glory and blessing’ Rev.5:12.