2. By a Lifestyle that Glorifies our Father: Apostle Paul counselled those who are light in the Lord to ‘walk as children of light’ and ‘have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness’ to prove ‘what is acceptable to the Lord’ Eph.5:8-11. This may be achieved by the things we believe, speak and do.

A lifestyle of faith in God teaches in a sublime manner that our God can be trusted to meet every desire of our hearts according to His will. Men see the power of faith released when we live daily by faith in the power of God, not in human wisdom. They recognize that this is the only thing that validates us, and understand the need to ‘stand fast in the faith’ 1Cor.16:13. When we never entertain doubt or waiver concerning what God’s word promises, rejoicing and praising Him as if the promise is already received, being fully persuaded that He is able to do His word, our pursuit of faith 1Tim.6:11 is a magnet. Jesus warned us to expect tribulation. However, by faith in His overcoming power, we receive joy and peace 2Cor.7:4b. Our walk of faith is a ministry to reconcile men to God: it advertises His goodness to those who believe.

Living life on purpose impresses upon others that our life is not just about us; we know what distractions to say ‘NO’ to, and to what opportunities to say ‘YES’. We set priorities, deciding what things to spend time and energy on and what associations to allow, recognising that men have an important part in heaven’s agenda – to add to or subtract from it. Observers learn from us that in God’s Kingdom, wisdom prevails not strength; faith, patience and love, not intellectual prowess and manipulative measures.

The words we speak, saying what God has said, to bring all things into alignment with His good plans for us Jer.29:11, are our trademark. Our words are weighted with power so we are careful of our utterances; our Sovereign Lord has given us ‘the tongue of the learned’ so we speak wisdom, know the right word to speak to the weary Is.50:4. However adverse the situation, knowing that the things we declare are established for us, we must never join those without knowledge of God to negate His word, His will. Our lips must always proclaim: ‘Exaltation will come’ Job.22:28-29.

The character of us who belong to Jesus Christ need bear fruit of His Spirit in us. Good quality fruit of this Seed includes love, joy, peace, perseverance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control Gal.5:22. By our life of integrity, respect, loyalty, appreciation, generosity, honour and forgiveness in a world that scoffs at such conduct, we light beacons that lead God’s children back to their Maker. As we serve men as though serving God Eph.6:7, every opportunity to bless and not curse must be minded. The sick need a physician not the well Mk.2:15-17.

Putting our faith to work, like Noah we move ‘with Godly fear’ Heb.11:7, doing what God instructs, however ridiculous, that all may see the performance of His word in our lives. Abraham proved His faith by offering Isaac on the altar of sacrifice. We excel at every assignment: every work established in and through faith experiences increase Acts.16:5. No one doubts proof of faith; results are evident to all and God is glorified.

Our faith should never be a platform for causing others to sin, else our evangelism is counter-effective. We must not use it to condemn, knowing that whereas we may act in faith based on a deeper knowledge of God, others may not be mature enough to do so. The gift of faith is bestowed by Grace; it must not be used to hurt others. It is a pulley by which we draw grace to fulfil Godly purpose, and to edify the Body of Christ. Faith works through love, therefore our faith walk must do only good to brethren Gal.6:10, out of love of God and man, as Jesus commanded Mk.12:30-31.

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