strategically. If there is a holdup after praying the word, check what is in the
way; ask for wisdom. Examine your situation, and let your prayers strike the
mark; take the trajectory of David’s stone: Lord, show me the areas of my life
where I am missing the mark of willingness and obedience, that I may eat the
good of the land according toIs.1.19. Paul’s request for prayers that he would
not only receive the word of Life, but also be able to speak it boldly Eph.6:19, is example of targeted praying;

specific requests by prayerPhil.4:6, never being anxious for anything. Jabez
made four requests of God: bless me, enlarge my coast, let your hand be with me
and keep me from evil1Chron.4:10. Every request was granted and his life was
transformed. Elijah prayed and it rained; his prayer caused an atmospheric
shift. Jesus asked blind Bartimaeus ‘What
do you want me to do for you?’
Mk.10:51.He got what he asked for: his sight. I
believe he could have received more if he had been more
creative in his asking;

continuously, and with persistence, as you remain sensitive in the Spirit,
watchingCol.4:2, vigilant, until there is
complete manifestation of God’s word.Pray without ceasing1Thess.5:17. To continue winning cry unto the Lord day
and nightLk.18:1, 7;

Pray with
joy and thanksgivingPhil.1:4,knowing that God hears the cry of all who
call upon Him, who plead their cause 2Kgs.20:1-6,
; your
Father in heaven delights in the prayer of the righteous. Peter was released
from prison supernaturally when the Church [the righteousness of God in Christ]
prayedAct.12:5.Pray with certainty of victory for Christ has
overcome on your behalfJn.16:33. When you have prayed, give God all the
glory even if things do not go as you planned. Trust that all things work
together for your good because you love God and live on purposeRom.8:28.