5.  Decree and
Faith sows seed.The seed concept is God’s plan to meet man’s needs on earth,
but not without His involvement. Heaven and earth operate on the principle of
seed-time and harvestGen.8:22;every aspect of the productive process starts
with a seed. Jesus expounded the seed concept in the Parable of the Sower which
He described as the crux of all the othersMk.4:13-20. Pertinent
to note for the purpose of this discourse is this: the seed is the word of Godv.14. Speaking the word of God is an act of seed-sowing for
fruitfulness; ‘good success’ is the guaranteed

By faith believers
ask in prayer for a seed [a prophetic word], whose
fruit meets our specific need.God
provides the seed, blesses the ground, and sends the rain.The
seed He gives you is righteous, good, with capacity for great substance[from fruitfulness to dominion]; Heput a bounteous harvest
in every seed.By
faith we plant the seed, speaking God’s revealed word, not because it fits the
mould of the wisdom of men but in expectation of the demonstration of the Holy
Spirit and of power1Cor.2:4. As we continuously speak this same word, praising
God for its attainment, we water the seed and the soil of our now fertile
hearts is enriched. The seed must die in the ground for it to produce ‘much grain’ Jn.12:24. God gives life to the dead seed; a body of fruit. Even if we see
nothing, we know that in due process over time the fruit is seen, first the
blade, then the ear, before the full corn appears. The earth produces by
itself, the sower knows not howMk.4:26-29.

word is divine wisdom; it comprises the things He has prepared for us who love
Him, but it is hidden until His Spirit reveals them to us1Cor.2:10.The natural
man cannot understand that speaking activates the power for the accomplishment
of God’s word; these things are spiritually discerned1Cor.2:14. Nothing happens if we keep
quiet. The ranks that rush to perform the words of God that we speak are
ministering angels. They hear the voice of the word of God, and are zealous to
do His willPs.103:20.

is also seed that is corruptible, tares planted in the righteous man’s field
that produce thorns and thistles, the result of the evil machinations of the
enemy. Having sown positive words in your heart, resist the temptation to sow negative
words the enemy will attempt to plant in your mind. When God has spoken, you
have an ‘I can’. Do not let the voice
of the devil cancel it with an ‘I can’t’;
just like when Israel refused to take the promised land because they believed
the negative report of the ten spies over the encouraging prompting of Joshua
and CalebNum.14:6-10.

The word of
God you speak in faith cannot fall to the ground, for God Himself has spoken
and is able to perform whatever He has saidIs.46:11b. Go ahead,
declare God’s word boldly.