We name something a crisis which affects our environment
and lives, over which we have no control. But God never calls anything a
crisis. What you call a thing is what it becomes to you, it determines how it
impacts you. Your interpretation of prevailing circumstances is what makes it a
crisis. You can choose to think like Apostle Paul who said all things work out
for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.
This means you understand that God is not unaware of your situation. He either
created it or allowed it as part of building you up to fit purpose. Knowing this,
say confidently, “This is working for my good.”

I do not deny that people are losing their jobs,
businesses, savings, even their lives and loved ones. But I also know that God often
uses crises to do a new, disruptive thing on earth. By crisis, He proves He is
bigger than circumstances. Daniel in the lion’s den, Noah’s in the Flood, the
Hebrew boys in a fiery furnace, Jesus on the Cross, were all made famous. I
also acknowledge that people going through crises need more than to be told to
believe in God and trust Him. They need practical wisdom, precise action steps
to make the changes they go through work for them.

Whereas crisis could lead to feelings of fear,
anxiety, trauma, depression, despair, frustration, loneliness, abandonment,
hopelessness, a sense of loss and even suicidal tendencies, I challenge you
with this thought: history is a record of crises. Martin Luther King Jnr and
Nelson Mandela would probably have remained unknown if not for crises. They
made history by the things they overcame, how they dealt with crisis situations.
You can too, depending on how you choose to handle a situation not unique to
you; what everyone on earth is going through, admittedly in varying degrees.

In times of crises you get to redefine yourself, to differentiate
what you do [job], and who you were created to be
to fulfil purpose.  In
crises, many find their gift, develop it, and become unemployable having found the
seed that guarantees their future. In crises we tend to see more

If you have found your seed, the world is waiting
for you to plant it, we need the fruits you will bear. Seeds are never in
. Even if you start with giving your fruit away, after a while
it will fetch you enduring wealth because it will be highly
recommended. You always have what you were born with, you were
not born with a job. Do not focus on what you do not have; give God what you
carry in you. What is in your hand/ house? Think on it.

The oil does not run out, you always have more than
you see; let crises drive you to increase your capacity. In crisis the
disciples saw 5 loaves of bread and two fish, yet Jesus saw a banquet. What do
you see?

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