the work of the Holy Spirit, believers are being transformed to the image of
More on praying in tongues:

1      1. The one who prays in tongues never loses
sight of God’s promises, because he prays them; you wait in excitement mode,
never complaining, anticipate every word of His to come to pass, and are
strengthened while you wait. Tongues is for personal edification1Cor.14:4,like charging
your phone battery. It stimulates your faithJude.20,builds up your ‘most holy faith’, keeps you in the love
of God, allows the Holy Spirit to energise you, and quickens your mortal body. When
the love of God is stirred up in your heart, you believe every promise, and are
bold to apply your faith to do works through loveGal.5:6.

2    2.  Fathers, from whom much is expected –
provision, protection and guidance of the family – are likely stressed by the challenges
of life on earth. Tongues help you through anxieties, fears, even depression,
which may result from stress and weariness. Hold conversations with God in rest
and confidenceIs.28:11-12.If you are
burned out in your Christian walk, or overwhelmed by business, career,
ministry, even family obligations, get times of refreshing from His presence,
and renew your strength. Knowing He cares for you, and that you have prayed His
will, it is easier to trust Him, relax, and wait on HimIs.40:31.

3  3. Tongues make your spirit sensitive, you
hate and shun every appearance of evil, are able to distinguish between those
who need to be saved, and apostates. God’s Spirit cautions you when situations
so require, when anything looks demonic or of the flesh. You recognize what the
world calls balance as compromise, and hate it. As you stay plugged into the
Spirit and allow rivers of Living Water from your heart to overflowJn.7:38,
you are not distracted by the sounds from earth because you hear the voice of
God from heaven. You are free from worldly contamination, you cannot be
defiled. When you have enough of God in you some people will not be comfortable
around you. Children who pray in tongues stir up the Holy Spirit in them, they don’t
have to be told who to associate with, the right people will be drawn to them;

4   4. Praying in tongues brings your mouth – your
most unruly memberJs.3:8– under subjection to God. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who lives
in you1Cor.6:19.Letting Him pray
through you yields control of your mouth to Him; your spirit prays and your
understanding is unfruitful1Cor.14:14.
Filled with new wine, you are re-sourced with strength and all you need to be
effective in every sphere of life;

5  5. Tongues are a door to the supernatural.
By it you stir up the Holy Spirit in you2Tim.1:6,
empowerment to prosper at whatever you do, whether it be ministry, career, business,
or home management. By tongues, the mantle of Jesus – the Holy Spirit – comes
upon youActs.19:6. As you yield to be used of God, you
are poised to download heavenly blueprints, solutions to earthly problems; deep
and secret things you could not have knownJer.33:3are
revealed to youDan.2:22.

Prayer:Thank You, Lord for the Gift of Your Spirit, and for fulfilling
your promise of a prayer language as He grants me utterance. As I pray Your
will over my family my joy is full, being confident of answer, in due season.

the name of Jesus, and by the super-abounding grace of God, I declare that no
member of my family shall miss God’s plan and purpose, because we pray His
will. We have confident assurance that everything written about us shall be
accomplished, because our mouths speak what the Lord ordained from before the
foundation of the world. Thank You, Jesus.

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