You need heavenly connection to be of earthly relevance: ‘a man can receive nothing unless it has been given to him from heaven’ Jn.3:27.

Born-again children of God need not struggle to provide for themselves and their families, unless they miss the revelation that unlocks the mystery of the abundant life promised: ‘one thing is needed’ Lk.10:42.

In a few short sentences, this is the decoding of that mystery:

+ You are adopted as a son of God when you give your life to Jesus Christ, chosen even before the beginning of time, by God’s sovereign will Eph.1:10;

+ As a joint heir with Christ all that belongs to your Father Ps.24:1 is also yours 1Cor.3:21;

+ Your blessings are spiritual, ‘in Christ’ Eph.1:3, revealed to you by the Spirit of God, Who knows the mind of God. He not only gives you knowledge of the things that have been freely given to you who loves God 2Cor.2:9-10, He also guarantees that you receive your bequest in the physical realm, as you let Him lead you to it.

The only way to legitimately claim, and enjoy abundant life on earth is by faith in Christ. He was sent to reconcile you to God. By Him you received the gift of righteousness, that you may reign in life Rom.5:17.

As you pursue your own work to cause God’s Kingdom and His glory to fill the earth, every preparation made to satisfy youshall be added to youMt.6:33.

Wisdom nuggets:

* Get into covenant with the Giver of all good gifts Jas.1:17; you receive all on the platform of love of God;

* Jesus died to receive ‘power and riches and wisdom, and strength and honour and glory and blessing.’ Rev.5:12, on your behalf. Surrender to His Lordship: apart from Me you can do nothing’ Jn.15:4-5;

* You have unlimited access to His throne room; a portal is perpetually open to grant you audience Heb.4:16. Ask, you will be guided to what rightfully belongs to you Mt.7:7-11.