In the Blog post of 25/02/16 titled ‘Your Knowledge of God Opens Doors’, Jesus’ Parable of the Sower was discussed. Some pertinent questions were raised about why many believers do not live in dominion. Answers include the following: some have not heard the word preached, so they do not know who God is, who they are or what they may have; some do not believe what they heard, not having received enough of it to be deeply rooted, convinced of its efficacy; some have not understood it so the devil quickly dispossessed them of it; some allow worries and ‘the deceitfulness of wealth’ to choke them and do not bear fruit by the word they know. All these situations are redeemable, should one be willing to be constantly exposed to the word, and to remove the obstacles clearly stated.

Not knowing God’s word puts you in error, prevents you from discovering it’s power Mk.12:24. However, revelation knowledge of God is a knowing that surpasses mere knowledge of Scripture. It is received when the Spirit of God Who broods upon His word reveals mysteries to the seeker who spends time meditating on it. How did Apostle Paul know that it is God’s desire to bring all things in heaven and on earth back to Himself under the authority of Christ Eph.1:10? By revelation. All of Scripture is a revelation of Jesus Christ. You need know Scripture to know Him! Like Peter, when you know who He is you will discover who you are, God’s specific plan for you Mt.16:13-19.

If you do not know that Jesus already destroyed the works of the devil, that Christ already gave you power and authority over all evil spirits, you would likely become afraid when the enemy comes against you. You may even be deceived into fruitless fasting, praying and sacrifices when all you need do is open your mouth! Not knowing that you have the mind of Christ, you may throw up your arms in defeat like everyone else when problems arise rather than stir up His Spirit in you and ask the Problem-Solver for the solution. You would know not to join others to wait on the move of God, for you are the move of God! The one who does not know that the Blood of Jesus has purchased the favour of God and men will be wearied by continuous, unfruitful labour.

Be careful under whose teaching you sit, what you allow into your heart via your ear-gate, for this is what defiles. Allow God to lead you to the place where you will be taught. Has He not promised to do so: “… I will give you shepherds after My own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.” Jer.3:15? More importantly, has the Good Shepherd who laid His life down for you not proclaimed that you listen to His voice? Those in constant fellowship with Him will recognize His voice; they will follow Him when He calls them by name and leads them out; they will not follow a stranger Jn.10:1-18. You are the righteousness of God in Christ, trust Him to direct your steps Prov.3:5-6.

There is no counsel against God, none can speak and have it happen unless the Lord has decreed it Lam.3:37. Therefore, test what you hear with the written word of God, by yourself. When you know the truth, you need process it in your mind and in your heart. Study to be approved, so that when what you know is tested, ‘when trouble or persecution comes because of the word’, you will not ‘quickly fall away’ Mt.13:24, rather appropriate the victory that Jesus died and rose to secure for you Jn.16:33. Do not join yourself to those who do not know their God, His will, who are destroyed because they reject knowledge Hos.4:1,6. Knowledge of God is empowering.

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