“Rather than ask “What product can I sell?”, the question which should be
topmost on an entrepreneur’s mind is, 
“What problem can I solve?” 

My thoughts today are hinged on Problem-Solving. First, excerpts
from a Blog article titled
a Start-Up Business Model
” of 9th September 2020:

“If you
think differently from others and care to reduce pain and increase pleasure for
consumers, you will likely come up with various solutions to the problem[s] you
were created to solve, the cause of discomfort which you are passionate to

way, even where your product solves a problem for which there are already other
available alternatives in the market, you will be assured that your option is
more value-enhancing to the customers who need it. Bringing greater value
translates to profit…

“When you
create a problem-based offering, it never loses sight of its original intent –
the problem it was created to solve. Therefore, every improvement to or
development of the offering will be creative, demonstrate understanding of the
problem, focus on solving it, enhance user experience, and add value. It will
not miss the mark.”

There is a
repository of many more business management
tips for
problem-solvers in this Blogsite.
Entrepreneurs create wealth from solving
problems will you solve in 2021?”

Problem-solving transfers value to those who
need it and assures a reward for the one who creates the value. Below is a
6-Step process for generating wealth from being a problem-solving, value adding
business owner.

The e-book “Put
First Things First
” comes out soon.
It addresses foundational issues – things you need settle in your
heart and mind so that you will manage a business venture successfully. Watch
out for it.

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