Every person needs to ask certain
questions of his Maker:Who am I? What is God’s purpose for me? Where
do I need to go? How and when do I get there?
How do I recognize the seasons of my life? Who or what do I need to get there? Who or what will deter me from
getting there? What resources do I need
or already have? These questions have
to do with Vision, Purpose and Significance.

Your success is measured against the achievement of God’s purpose
for you therefore let all that you say and do advance
you towards it. Knowing His purpose – to take away the sin of the world, redeem
man to God and herald the restoration of the Kingdom of God on earth – Jesus started
early on a path to achieve these goals. He never deviated, being in constant
fellowship with the purpose-Giver.
He did not allow Himself to be crowned
king for He had come to be servant. Let us follow His example; many are
waiting to be drawn to God’s glory.

We who are planted in the soil of covenant relationship with God
need recognize His ultimate pleasure: ‘in
the dispensation of the fullness of times’
to bring all creation in heaven
and on earth, back to Him through Jesus ChristEph.1:3, 9-10.All
scripture is a revelation of this mystery. God desires that we know our part
and follow after the established pattern from fruitfulness, to dominionGen.1:28.
Righteousness will advance this plan, exalt nations, save the earth; sin will
reverse it. The earth is groaning, waiting to be delivered from bondage into
the glorious liberty of the sons of GodRom.8:19-22. We are
saved to manifest His glory.

Believers are a peculiar people; we represent a Kingdom that will
break in pieces and consume’ all the
kingdoms of this worldDan.2:44. This government
is forever, set upon the shoulder of Jesus ChristIs.9:6-7.We are prepared
for planting, administrators of all sectors of man’s endeavour in the world, so
that every sphere of influence – all kingdoms of men – will be managed
according to God’s Kingdom agenda. We need take this assignment seriously, for
by it the righteous will reign. God is the greatest stake-holder in the
fruitfulness of planted children. Now that darkness has covered the earth and
deep darkness its people, His children must arise, shine, for the glory of our
God is upon usIs.60:1-2.  We who are ‘the planting of the Lord’ need become ‘trees of righteousness’Is.61:3.

yourself. If your life, work, home, all that concerns you is not leading you to
an ‘expected end’Jer.29:11,
you need to go back to your Creator to discover His purpose for your being. Get
divine intelligence for He has already equipped you for the achievement of His
planJer.1:5-10. Like Paul I pray that the eyes of your understanding be enlightened to know the
hope of God’s calling and all that is available to fulfil it Eph.1:17-23.

An ambassador has no personal agenda; his choices are based on his
knowledge of the desire of the home country. God ushers you into the realm
where you were created to function on His behalf; destiny-defining moments move
you into this realm. However, you need make choices – sometimes tough ones – in
alignment with His will. Your destiny is determined by your decisions.

In the next
few weeks we suggest principles for recognizing and maximizing destiny-defining