Social capital can be a powerful asset. Build social networks and symbiotic
business relationships on trust and cooperation, offering to share resources
with and giving counsel to others without expecting immediate benefit but for
the common good of all. This helps to establish you as one not only skilled in his
field but an active contributor willing to add value to those in your
network and to support their work.

If you understand the concept of sowing and reaping you will know that having
helped competitors rather that alienate them, you can count on them to support
you when you need it.The
things you desire – that you poured out – move from the spiritual to physical
realm where the Lord of Harvest determines when the reaping is due. Queen Esther
would at some point need the king to obey her. When he was willing to do for
her anything – even to receiving the half of his kingdom – could she be reaping
the fruit of the seeds of obedience sown with Mordecai?

Business managers who will be effective must build enviable ventures which attract relationships that enhance
the profit chain. In a co-working
[CW] environment start-ups and long-term players in the same Sector test the
power of relationship. Shared information enables each
business to make economic impact and to succeed. This works whether the
ventures are at different stages of development or constitute a group of small
businesses that share business assets.
All actors discover that collaboration
pays; true value is evident when people are connected and build a community.

CWis not a
novel concept.
In ages past, African, Asian and South American small
business would converge in communal spaces where buyers go to choose
their preferred products. This was common among weavers and cloth dyers,
sculptures, even smoked fish sellers. In the past two decades technology-enabled CW spaces
have sprung up worldwide. Even without a physical space, as long as Internet connectivity is available,
businesses cluster to share electric power, water, machines and
other critical resources.

It is
pertinent however to sound a note of caution:in
a CW environment, watch out for threats which can destroy your
business model: be careful what you share with your collaborators – especially yet-to-be-activated
business ideas – else they can be stolen. Accept opinions contrary to your
business idea only if expedient. Though good, it may be ill-timed –
economically or environmentally -but recognize the
final decision is yours. If you make decisions that lead to business failure on
the advice of others, you have yourself to blame.

Recognise thatthe key that makes an idea a business success is
the strategy by which it breaks into the market. Be innovative in devising strategiesthat exchange high value for the right
to earn profit:

  • ·        Expand your reach beyond
    the cluster, focus your energy on expanding your horizon and gain recognition;
  • ·        Consistently work at
    improving your brand; ask what customers really want, pay attention to even the
    smallest details of their most trivial requests, and continuously upgrade your
    business model to meet their needs to remain relevant;
  • ·        Be willing to
    invest in providing superior quality products and packaging. By this you
    control what sells in the business arena;
  • ·        Develop a
    following by the way you relate with your customers. Treat them well, let them
    know that you value them beyond the purchase; get involved in their lives where
    possible[show concern and ask how a sick parent is doing],and never take any of them for granted.