Speaking is
an integral part of the creation process. In God’s Kingdom, things rarely
happen until something is said. Your words are potent. Speak creatively to the
Sea, the Air and the land to bring forth life; these are the realms where God’s
resources are hidden; they abound with fruitfulness. They are also the realms
over which you have been given dominionGen.1:26.

Contrary to
popular world view, success in any endeavour is not just about hard work and
the correct application of tested ‘strategies’. Rather, it is about obedience
to God’s word in that area. What has God said about your industry, health,
relationships? Decree it creatively over your specific situation to cause things
to take shape on earth as it is in heaven.

Your words
can create great thingsJas.3:5,and penetrate space and time. Use them to
shift things in your favour in distant locations; to change past mistakes, to
create the future you desire, to conquer size, to advance against the force of
contrary winds, to set fire on your dreams and give them speed, just like a
space shuttle!

This God’s Kingdom principle functions
whether you understand its workings or not. Just like you drive a car without
understanding its mechanism, your comprehension of this mystery is not a
prerequisite for your cooperation. Just do it!