the very start a decision need be made on whatyou want. Specify the exact amount
you want to earn, your desired weight, your target customers, the kind of
person you want to spend the rest of your life with, where you want your family
to live, what job or career you want and whatever value-adding goal you desire,
big or small. But to make this decision effective, you needuse the
power of your imagination:seeyour desired earning in your bank balance, see yourself
wearing the size 12 dress, see yourself married to the spouse of
your dreams, see your family living the kind of life you desire, see
yourself working with colleagues at your dream job, meeting deadlines and
pitching awe-inspiring, promotion-worthy ideas!

achievement is a manifestation of what is first believed, things
already settled in the mind: the body follows the mind to where it has been.
Faith delivers every promise; a picture of things experienced in your physical
reality must first be seen in your heart and mind.

quality of life would your goal [when
achieved] offer not just to yourself and others around you but also to those
whose lives you were purposed to impact? Your chances of meet and sustaining
your goal are better where the envisioned end – even your motive – is not just
about you. Thus, prior to making that crucial life-enhancing decision or
setting goals for its actualization, a wise person would check that his motives
are not purely selfish. Is weight loss part of a plan to promote healthy living
and keep your body in the optimum state to serve yourself, family, community
and nation? Isyour
desired income merely a means to acquire more designer shoes and bags, purchase
another summer house in the south of France, or create life-enhancing communal projects
such as schools, hospices etc?

Material wealth
is not a bad thing. However, recognize thatyou may likely struggle without human help or divine
assistance[grace]if your desired goal outcomes
are not purpose-augmenting. It is possible to meet a defined goal in the
prescribed time with no joy because neither the process, the timing, nor the
objective was inspired by a cause greater than self.

Goal-achievement produces satisfaction when you start with a clear
of the value-enhancing expected end and a committed decision
to realize it with right thoughts, words and actions.