Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.
Your vision board is a documented ‘idea’ of your goal and things
required to bring it to pass. The next phase is to start doing something about
reaching that goal every day, using an ACTION PLAN:
there is direct connection between how quickly you take action on an idea and
its success.

plan is the answer to the question ‘HOW?’. It defines the actual
work to be done and is only as effective as the tasks you complete, daily.Every minute spent in
planning saves ten in execution, getting the job done.

·      Break your main goal down into bite sizes – mini goals that
– when achieved – move you close to actualization of your desired outcome;

·    Set a series of targets that
help you realise each of your goals.
will never hit a moving target: the more detailed your description of action
items the more the target slows down;

·     Define critical stages or milestones.
These stage descriptions will help you identify the steps you need to take to
reach each of your goals and targets;

For a long-term
goal, set a series of sub-deadlines, a guestimate of when to achieve each stage.If you miss
the timeline, set another. Recognize the importance of seasons and
spiritual timings
; there are no
unreasonable goals, only unreasonable deadlines;

·     Making a ‘To Do’ list makes the process less dauntingand improves your
productivity.Schedule youractivities;
things you do not make time for in your calendar may likely not happen. The
more comprehensive your list the more motivated you will become, and the more
intense your desire – faith – in the possibility of accomplishment;

Combine all action
items into a plan organized by priority of task. Start on the most important task, tick off
every task completed and on to the next;

·     Avoid
divergent focus:
the path of
those who do multiple things is slower. Where expedient, stay with the chosen task until completion
before taking on another.

More on action planning next post.