Tips on Goal Achievement:

Recognize that choke
points on the journey indicate areas of vulnerability, of frustration, from
where the next breakthrough may likely emanate. Let them be yourdriving force. Do not be tempted to look for alternatives or
escape routes, rather, take ownership of the situation and seek instruction,
direction via the right information that leads you to goal achievement;

Manage time wellelse it will pass you by. Time wasting starts as a short break which
interrupts your workflow. The more you procrastinate, the longer your task
completion takes. Work smart: block
time slots for doing defined tasks and set aside chunks of time for unscheduled

how you feel, just do it;

d.     Things happen for a
reason,do not
ignore reality
; you may need to
adjust, but keep resolute, pushing; your patience and resilience will be tested.
When everything around you says ‘NO’, you say ‘NEXT’ knowing things will work
for your good, that if you persist, even the environment will support you;

Be aconstant student. Reading
at least 30 minutes every day[motivational,
biographies or self-help materials]will make a dramatic difference,
it expands your view and may even initiate changes to your goals, make them
bigger, more challenging and exciting. Get required knowledge; something you do
not know is causing your target to evade you;

increase the probability of achieving your goal, you may need to re-orient
your life, relationships etc. Ask the right questions of yourself with a view
to eliminating habits, actions, even association with people that move you away
from what you want;

Stay positive. Use positive affirmation to keep talking about what you want. To keep
your mind off what you fear, deal promptly with the limitations you identified
and posted on your VB and remove the post once the matter is done with;

h.    Celebrate task completionand give yourself a reward for it,
even for practising a new behaviour
consistently. Each time you reward
yourself, you reinforce that behaviour. Your
brain releases endorphins when you do something life-enhancing, it raises your
self-esteem and makes you happy. You get the feeling of being a winner and
quickly take on another task because you want to have that feeling again. The
bigger the task, the more endorphin is released. You are on a high, always
Additionally, you like the pleasure of the reward and look
forward to continuing along that path.

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