Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary
defines ‘Grit’ as ‘the courage and determination that makes it possible for somebody to
continue doing something difficult or unpleasant’
. In the section
titled ‘Greatness is First of All a Mindset’,  of the e-book, ‘Wealth from an Idea or for a Lifetime.‘, I share some tips on how to
practice grit:

Entrepreneurship is your
job, make it your life’s work; let passion for it consume you;

Be willing to do all it
takes to make your dreams happen. Will, determination, strength, courage will
get you results;

Make sacrifices to keep
doing things that move you toward your set goals. Keep going until you succeed;

If rejected, just keep
going.Take on challenges; do
it scared. Maintain a winner’s mind set, fight for what you want. Times may get
tough; persevere, and purpose to finish strong.