James Strong”s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible describes the concept of grace in words akin to God stooping in kindness to an inferior. It denotes mercy, forgiveness, kindness and favour, all of which raise the receiver to the platform of enablement – unlimited access to power from on high.

Noah ‘found grace in the eyes of the Lord’ Gen.6:8. Described as ‘a just man’, ‘perfect in his generations’ Gen.6:9, he was conferred with the status of being blameless because he walked with God. God gave him grace freely, and this brought salvation to his doorstep. Where others perished in the flood, only Noah and his family were saved.

Believers also enjoy God’s gift of grace, put on us as it was put upon Jesus Christ, the One who was ‘full of grace and truth’ Jn.1:14. Like all of God”s gifts, grace is available to those who believe and are willing to receive it.

Discovery of who you are ‘in Christ’ comes with empowerment to walk on that knowledge. God gave Him the Spirit of Grace as prophesied Zech.12:10, so that He may freely give to those who believe Him. Grace cannot be understood outside of Christ, for ‘grace and truth came by Him’ Jn.1:17; it is not earned or deserved, but made available to us via His finished work on the Cross at Calvary. Grace manifests the love of God: no Christ, no grace.

Now you know that grace is available to you ‘in Christ’, how is it received?

Faith is the conduit by which the grace of God is channelled to us Rom.5:2. Since we draw grace by faith, and faith comes by hearing God’s word Rom.10:17, it is safe to conclude that the one who wants to draw more grace should position himself to hear more word!

Everything that God prepared for you is locked up in His word.

What are the works of grace?

* Grace obtained what the law could not grant you. Whereas the law demands that you be righteous (an impossible task), grace supplies God’s righteousness to you, freely. You receive by grace what the works of those who strived continuously to fulfil the law were unable to deliver Rom.11:6. The gift of righteousness comes with abundant grace Rom.5:21.

The one who rejects this free gift has not only insulted the Spirit of Grace Heb.10:29, he also relies on his own righteousness which is ‘like filthy rags’ before God Is.64:6.

Your Creator knows about your infirmities and supplied grace to help you.