6.2. A. The Chosen Must Prepare Himself: Everyone chosen to teach God’s word, preach the gospel of His Kingdom, and heal all kinds of sickness and disease among the people Mt.4:23, need be prepared on three levels: by God, by self, and by those who have revelation knowledge of God. The last few posts dealt with the testing of the heart, God’s preparation; the next few will discuss the part the chosen need play in preparing to be used of God. This too is on three levels. He must: seek knowledge of God, discover his true calling (his destiny), and cultivate a lifestyle of faith.

The mind of God must be the mandate of the chosen. To stir in you the passion to achieve what is already settled in the Spirit realm and accommodate His purpose, you need discover who God is by yourself, be willing to expand your view to receive the Oracles of life. What God requires of you in His service will likely blow your mind; you need His wisdom, His power, to become that person. Where does the seeker find God? In His word and in His presence, as He is sought with the heart Jer.29:13.

God’s word is His essence, the expression of Who He is, the declaration of His will. As a carrier of the Word of God your heart is a treasure chest; a vessel bearing cargo of inestimable value. You become like the scribe described by Jesus who is instructed in the things of God, and brings out of his treasure – old and new – as appropriate Mt.13:52. Understanding the application of His word grants wisdom, instructs you on the right thing to do in every situation.

The knowledge of God gleaned in His word is your greatest ministry tool.

God’s word is the plumb-line against which your thoughts and imaginations are tested, it has power to discern the intents of the heart Heb.4:12. Even if your actions are judged by men as right, your heart status reveals the true motive behind your actions. The thoughts of those not constantly exposed to the Word of God may not readily align with what is acceptable to Him, and are likely to defile Mt.15:11. A discerning heart repents of whatever does not please God, discards such, and takes responsibility for drawing near to God, hearing and attending to His Word, never taking his eyes off Him.

The spoken word of God is a force; it gives life for it is the Word of His power Heb.1:3. At the altar, as you spend time in God’s presence, submitted to His will, whether in worship or prayer, you will receive revelation, instruction, healing, restoration, peace, power, counsel, renewal, correction, deliverance and transformation. Since the altar is a place of exchange – of Covenant practice – you must also expect to give God repentance, thanksgiving, praise, worship, passion, rejoicing. The chosen must be in constant fellowship with God.

To be successful, you need know God’s word on the specific area of your assignment, and be built-up on this sure foundation. You need prepare even before you become; to spend time alone with God, to seek His face, His will, believe what He says and stand up for it, against all odds. No one will applaud you while building this foundation (they will likely not witness it), but they will hear and appreciate the testimony of how well you served, because you were well taught.

Next post: the chosen must discover His true calling, in preparation for ministry.