6.2. B2. The Chosen Must Discover Himself, in Preparation for Ministry: Believers are ‘sons of the prophets, and of the covenant…’ Acts.3:25. In simple terms, two things are involved in the accomplishment of our work of evangelism. The first is that we are ‘sons of the prophets’. The issues of our lives are birthed by the words of God proceeding from the mouth of prophets. Everything concerning you – what was, is and will be – has already been foretold, and will be found by a diligent search into the books of the prophets in Scripture. As you do this, the Spirit of God by Whose inspiration the prophets spoke, will guide you to the precise words that have to do with you.

Agree with your word and make it the basis of your confession. Do not let it depart from your mouth, meditate on it day and night, and glean wisdom on precise actions to take. What God says the heart need believe, and the mouth confess, that the salvation settled in heaven manifest on earth Rom.10:10. Then you make your way prosperous, and have good success Josh.1:8.

The prophetic word bares all; nothing is hidden in the spiritual realm from which it is received, unless God hides it Deut.29:29. What God says must be declared until it comes to pass. Thus, as divine purpose is being accomplished, you pass through gates, prepare the way for others, remove barriers and set standards on earth according to heavenly blueprints. This is the ultimate purpose of revelation knowledge of things of God, by His Spirit: that the name of the Lord be glorified by all, and His praise spring forth from the lips of men Is.62:10-11.

The second part of the accomplishment of your work on earth is that we are sons of ‘the covenant’. Being born of the Spirit, you have been adopted into the family of God, a joint-heir with Jesus, entitled to an inheritance according to the terms of your covenant with God, for which Jesus shed His Blood. Your inalienable right is the inheritance, your responsibility is to do the work of reconciling men to the Father, that all the families of the earth be blessed through you who are in Christ, the Seed of Abraham.

Heed ‘the more sure prophetic word’ as ‘light that shines in a dark place’; illuminate your mind 2Pet.1:19-21 with things that have gone past, as well as the new things previously hidden, things no one on earth can claim to know; things unheard of until God reveals them to prophets Is.48:6-7. How does heeding the prophetic word help your ministry of reconciliation? As you seek Scripture to find yourself, and do what is written concerning you to become successful, you give glory to God. Your life reflects His goodness, and those who see you are drawn to your God. Thus you become His witness, Testifying that He alone is God, your Saviour Is.43:10-11.

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