If you need more information to decide on the best candidate[e.g.
reference or police checks, medical tests],make a conditional offer of employment. If
they don’t meet the conditions, you can withdraw your offer and turn to your
second-choice candidate. Call the candidate who subsequently meets all
conditions as soon as possible to offer them the job and check that they will
accept. Then send a written contract of employment setting out the terms and
conditions of the job.

Once the preferred candidate has formally accepted the job by
signing the contract, contact the unsuccessful ones and, should you want to
keep their applications on file for future recruiting purposes, advise them of
your intent.

Do not presume the process is over. Put all new
hires on a 30- or 60-day trial period and see how they perform.Help them out if they make some mistakes. In
God’s Kingdom, repentance is key to obtaining favour. In a parable told by
Jesus, a man was set to cut down an unfruitful fig tree taking space, using up
the soil, but the gardener said: ‘I will dig around it and fertilize it. If it bears
fruit next year, fine! If not, then cut it down.’

Avoid mediocrity. Set
demanding standards and stick with them. Employees are the backbone of the
business, those who deal directly with customers or suppliers are its ‘face’. Weed out incompetent staff, recognize that a bad hire can handle
customers so poorly they fail to return. This is not good for the bottom line.

Unyielding staff who fail
to fit your organization’s culture will slow your business down, damaging
rather than contributing to it. If after the necessary investment to develop
them has been made over a reasonable time and they don’t perform as expected,
let them go.