‘The Good Father’ Package – Volume I, Volume II,
and Declarations

Let fathers be inspired and arise to apply knowledge
of God’s word to devise their own means to take back their families from the
snare of ungodly instructors. Let fathers launch a moral infrastructure where
Godly values flow through a chain of influence that begins with them. Let wise
fathers use the wisdom of God to save all that may have been lost, missing or

Fathers need help. ‘The Good Father’ package includes a guide for Worship, Prayers and
Declarations. The words of worship and prayers will re-position you at the feet
of Jesus Christ as you fellowship with your heavenly Father; the declarations
will help you with generic words of God to speak regularly over yourself and
your children, calling things that may not be as though they were.

God’s word carries the power of
accomplishment; as you speak it, you sow seeds in your fertile heart and your
children’s, until they bear much fruit. Let fathers create an enabling
atmosphere for eagles to fly, and stir our youth on the course of the glorious
destinies ordained for them, before the foundation of the world. Our nations will
thus be returned to God’s will for greatness.

To read or download a free copy
of ‘The Good Father’, Volume I, click:https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/cc103cf2-ae82-4757-a4aa-7bddc6cb67fb

To read or download a free copy
of ‘The Good Father’, Volume II, click:https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/4578c9cf-b350-4f7c-9ee3-590ae78ea3fb

To read or download a free copy
of ‘The Good Father’, Prayers and Declarations, click:https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/dea132d3-bc7c-4a38-892d-80ccac1a7196

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