After the closing date, start the evaluation
process by comparing the applications received to the stipulations of the JD.
To make the process consistent, create a standard evaluation form.

those who do not have the skills and experience you seek. Be discerning in your
selection – over-qualified applicants may become bored in the role; the
under-qualified may struggle. Check that applicants’ personal goals match your business
vision and whether they are likely to stay in the job for as long you need

At end, create
a shortlist of candidates to interview. Be different, send the remaining
applicants a letter thanking them for their application and advising that they
have been unsuccessful. To avoid bearing the cost you may request those who
require feedback to include a self-addressed stamped envelope[SASE]in their package.

all applicants’ personal information confidentially in keeping with privacy
laws but keep all applications of qualified persons on file for future
reference. Some applicants may be suitable for other jobs you need recruit for
in the future.

an interview for every potential candidate to determine their suitability for the
job, even those recommended by employment agencies. Thus, you can find out more
about candidates’ skills, knowledge, experience and personal attributes, as
well as get an idea about how well they will fit into the culture of your

To get
the most out of interviews, the interviewer[s]should
be familiar with the candidates’ applications and the JD and prepare questions
to ask. Use of a standard evaluation form avoids bias and helps to assure
consistency of interviews.

can be stressful. Create a friendly environment free from interruptions. You
will get the best of candidates if they are at ease. The interview protocol should
include an outline of the business and the job, open-ended questions that require
more than a yes or no answer, letting the candidate ask questions, informing of
the next steps[a
reference check, another round of interviews, a test, or when a decision will
likely be made], and thanking them for their time.

Immediately after the interview, all members of the
panel should review their interview notes andall the information in
applicationstogether, summarize answers to tests,
record facts,compare results from each candidateand decide who to appoint.

In yourreview, consider who is capable of
doing the job, not just by having the skills and knowledge you need, but also
whether they have the personal attributes[e.g. enthusiasm, integrity and motivation],to do the
job and can be a culture fit for your business.

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