king over Israel and Judah after his father, David, took many wives and
concubines, and worshipped their gods and goddesses against the injunction of
the God of his father. God’s judgment: ‘…
I will surely tear the kingdom away from you and give it to your servant…’
the kingdom was shared between Rehoboam, Solomon’s son, and Jeroboam, his rebel
servant, ‘a mighty man of valour’1Kgs.11:28.Solomon multiplied the art of procuring wives and concubines learned from his
father; his error cost his generations the kingdom. In this one thing, David, the
beloved of God had passed on a shameful legacy which marred what should have
been a glorious exit for the wisest man of his time.

father determines, by his words and actions, if to bring glory or shame to his
children. The king is custodian of the culture and traditions of the people, yet
Godly values, tried and tested universally to work for man’s progressPs.12:6,
seem to be increasingly unpopular. This raises questions about the strength of
our moral fibre, what legacies are being passed on. Who fathered the rapist who
audaciously posts a video clip of the dastardly act on the Internet for all to
see? Who coached the serial killer? Who questions the morality of a hacker breaking
into a person’s private space, to expose his secrets for financial gain? Who
mentored the teenage prostitute to even imagine her body as a commodity? Where are
the father-kings, the custodians of social mores who should command their
children ‘to do righteousness and justice’

eagle can soar without help; every star needs a coach. Fathers have a critical
role to play in coaching and mentoring the next generation. Perhaps we see
fewer stars because there are fewer coaches.


Lord, I desire that my
childrenwalk in what they were called to be – the salt of
the earth, the light of the world, Your witnesses, that men may know and be
drawn to YouMt.5:13-14.
I will not try to manipulate the achievement of the purpose of
each of them, for, all of their lives they are
being prepared for Your appointment, Your planned future for themJer.29:11, the real reason for
their being.Bring their destinies to passby Yourself, cause Your zeal to
shape them for service to You and men, and perform Your word concerning them,
for it is setIs.9:7.Like trees planted by the rivers of
water that bring forth fruit in season, whose leaves do not wither, my children
will prosper at all their assignmentsPs.1:2-3,
and be beacons to light the path for othersIs.60:3,
in Jesus’ Glorious Name I pray.


the name of Jesus, and by the super-abounding grace of God, I decree and

·     My children are being taught
to soar like eagles.We receive new wine daily, break the old moulds
we carried in our hearts and minds. We are sanctified by the Word of God, the
TruthJn.17:17-19which instructs us, breaks the chains of
deception and sets us free from the bondage of tradition.

·     We hear instruction and are wise; we find the
right word, find life and obtain favour from the LordProv.8:33, 35. Our minds are renewed
as we are being transformed to the image of Christ. Men see us and know we have
been with the Lord; we prove His perfect will for usRom.12:2. Thank You,Jesus.

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