king has a kingdom. The father-king’s wife and children are part of his
inheritance as a joint heir with Christ. As king he rules over a domain – his
household; as priest he has access to the throne room of the King of kings, his
model, seated in a far-above place. What may hinder him from being effective at
his God-ordained leadership assignment? Scripture indicates two things: weakness
and wickedness.

Against God’s injunction not to marry
from among the Canaanites, Ahab, king of Israel took Jezebel, daughter of the
Phoenician king, as wife. She turned his heart to the worship of her god, thus
provoking God to anger Exd.34:15.
More abominations were committed during Ahab’s reign than at any other era: a
step in the wrong direction often advances to taking giant leaps into
destruction. A zealous propagandist for her religion and persecutor of the people
of God1Kgs.18:4,
Jezebel was a bold, precocious woman. She wielded such great influence over the
king, there was no doubt who was really in charge of the Ahab household.

When Ahab was
refused Nabaoth’s land, she promised to give it to him, having no respect for God’s
command not to covet a neighbour’s goods Exd.20:17.She aimed not by coercive means to procure the land, but, under the guise of
religion and justice, used the king’s seal, usurped his authority and got the
men and elders of the land to falsely accuse Nabaoth of blasphemy against God
and the king. He was stoned to death and Ahab took the land, but God accounted the
sin to him. His weakness had turned him into a wicked king. God’s judgment came
twenty years later1Kgs.21:23,

The same force was
at work at the Adam’s in Eden. Being subtleGen.3:1,
Satan used words to assault Eve with temptation. By her, Adam disobeyed God,
for, as soon as she falls into sin, the deceived easily becomes manipulative. Adam’s
choice to obey his wife over God was a sign of weakness; eating the fruit
against the command of God was in contempt for Him, a show of wickedness. The
woman usurped the authority of the man to assume ruler-ship of the garden. Adam
failed to exercise headship over Eve, or dominion over the serpent. In like manner
as Ahab, God accounted the sin to Adam.

To rule their
household in Godly manner, fathers must beware weakness – an unwillingness or
inability to take charge – that may lead to wickedness. An empty throne is
indicative of no, or weak, leadership.


Father, the perfect model of Father-King, I pray for myself and all fathers,
that repentance will take anchor in our souls for every time we have displayed
weakness and wickedness, and fallen short of Your expectation. Like the
prodigal, I ask for the returning grace, that we may arise from the places
where we laid down our authority and be restored to our rightful place with
you, to fatherhood, to priesthood and to headship of our households, according
to Your will, in
Jesus Gracious Name.


the name of Jesus, and by the super-abounding grace of God, I decree and

I boldly go into the presence of God for mercy and to find grace in time
of needHeb.
. I know
His will in every situation and, by His Spirit in me, I have courage to do what
He saysHeb.10:19, Jn.2:5.I will not be deceived out of my placeProv.27:8, or fail Him. Thank You, Jesus.

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