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There is a River

They are keys to doors of business administration, human and other resource management, systems, procedures, strategies, and all other features which contribute to improving business performance and increasing profitability. They are laws which creation was designed to respect, light which occasions a lifting by whoever applies them.

It is the ‘mountain of the Lord’ to which people worldwide will come asking to be taught His ways so that they may walk in paths that guarantee success in every endeavour Is.2:2-3.
Let your code of conduct align with the prescription of God’s word, that it may be like the river which brings joy to the city of God, the place which cannot be destroyed because of God’s presence there Ps.46:4-5. Your business cannot fail because it is blessed.
Here are twelve benefits the Blessing bestows on the business leader who chooses the Spirit of God as Governing Influence over the business.
1. By the supernatural power of God working through you, you switch to divinity and receive solutions to complex problems, interpret situations, understand matters; and the full inventory of heaven is at your immediate disposal to always make a demand.
2. You will be divinely guided [as you ask, seek and knock] to fulfil your wealth generation assignment.
3. God commands everything to work in your assigned place. Nothing compares to wisdom from the only Wise One.
4. At times when confused about how to achieve your desired results, as you pray the Spirit of God positions you in His will where you can exploit emerging possibilities, take bold steps, big risks, always knowing what to do.
5. You receive strategies to shift your seasons, break you into another, advance, progress, be elevated, and be placed in positions of advantage over every opposing force.
6. Because God is in your camp, He causes showers of blessing to come down in their season, and the earth to yield its increase to you as you boldly and confidently activate faith in Him Eph.3:12.
7. Faith is currency, by it all is in your hand is multiplied. By putting astonishing faith to work, you access heavenly blueprints for success in business and every sphere of life. By a strong faith base, you do things to grow the business others fear to!
8. God sets before you open doors that none can shut, every door that was illegally or illegitimately closed before you will open – even those men say are impossible to open – all systems will adjust to accommodate you.
9. Where the environment is challenging, being a co-worker with God, you are anxious for nothing 1Cor.3:8; the peace of God rules in your heart Col.3:15; and strengthens you.
10. As you continue to practice the prescriptions of covenant relationship with God, He gives you creative ideas to produce witty inventions that give your businesses unimaginable wealth and riches. You determine what trends.
11. Your life is preserved, you become prominent, powerful, proficient, prosperous, and perceptive – seeing what others cannot, going where they cannot, and doing what they cannot. God’s Spirit teaches you what no school or experience can Ps.18:34-35.
12. God positions you in the right place at the right time. By the law of association, you will join faith with divinely appointed partners to do great work to appropriate wealth, just as Lot was blessed by following Abraham.
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