There is no overnight success. When you study businesses, you will find
that people worked hard and smart over a long term to succeed at enterprise.
Your business success depends largely on ability to commit to goal achievement.

In Part 6 of the e-book ‘Wealthfrom an Idea or for a Lifetime’, in the Section
titled, ‘A Business Manager Must Be An Effective Leader’, the subject of Goal-Setting is discussed. Business leaders need set
challenging, meaningful and specific goals.

Some Tips:

Write down 10 goals you
desire to accomplish in 12 months. Take the one with the most potential
positive impact to the business. If you hit a rough spot – having identified
all the benefits to you – you will not seek a way out;

Write down everything you
need do to bring it to pass; set priorities and work daily toward

Write that goal as if it
is already achieved, starting with the word ‘I’: If you write it in a positive
light, your subconscious recognises it as a command;

Ask questions of your
goal, then write down 20 answers. Mind-storming reaches deep into your mind for
solutions: do not overlook the simple solution;

Break that goal into
small, measurable milestones [with timelines], so you aren’t overwhelmed by the
multitude of tasks;

List the obstacles to
overcome, identify the people or organizations to work with, and have a plan of

Engage the power of
focus, daily, until the mini goals that comprise that one goal are achieved.

When that goal becomes a reality, you will have achieved your
objectives, your level of self-confidence is raised, then on to the next goal.

Believe in yourself, perform as a champion. There are consequences to not setting goals.