should not believe every spirit, for men may speak to us from an overflow of a
mind corrupted by the devil. God’s Spirit in us is by far superior to any otherLk.9:55,
and will give victory, as long as we stay discerning. Let each be responsible
to monitor the teaching received, not giving heed to deceiving spirits, or the
doctrines of devils1Tim.4:1so
that what he allows into his heart and mind does not become the enemy within. Satan’s
target is our mind, his weapon is deception; our defence is God’s word, the ‘sword of the Spirit’ Eph.6:17.

emanate from images received from inflow of information via eye and ear gates
in particular [of course all our senses send
information to our hearts!]. Thus, in order for your heart to
please God,you need to feed it with His words
through your eyes, ears and mouth.Have the programs you
watch, the music you listen to, or the words you speak made you insensitive to
the things of God? Have you allowed planting in the soil of your heart of
socio-cultural, even environmental seed that have nothing to do with what God
said; limitations and ‘realistic’ ideas that negate His higher level thoughts
which are perceived to be impossible by the human mind? As you align your heart
to God’s Word, the plumb line against which your thoughts and imaginations are
tested, it becomes ‘broken and contrite’.
Some of the possible thoughts that the enemy may plague the mind with are low
self-esteem, pride, bitterness, fear, and regret. The list is long. These
self-emaciating thoughts negate what God said about you. They constitute ‘strongholds; that must be ‘pulled down’ else they may degenerate into
self-destructive decisions and actions. They are destiny-limiting ‘imaginations’ which must be cast down,
high things that exalt themselves
against the knowledge of God, thoughts that must be brought into captivity to
the obedience of Christ. By discernment you detect warning signs of wrong
thinking, the consequence of wrong believing, sometimes due to wrong teaching
or wrong associations. Discernment is a cut above the intellect, the former is
ruled by the spirit, the latter by the senses.

word is critical to guarding your heart; it has power to discern the thoughts
and intents of the heartHeb.4:12,
exposing its state. For the person who does not constantly meditate on the
words of God, his thoughts and meditations, since they may not readily align
with what is acceptable to Him, may likely defile his heart. Your guarded heart
allows only what pleases God to fill it, harbours only what He will approve,
knowing His plans and purposes, thoughts and expectations concerning youJer.29:11can only come to fruition with your cooperation, by believing Him. His thoughts
are far above yours. His plans are the most perfect for you, allow them to
overlay yours; let God be your stronghold, let His word be your mirror.

woman with the issue of blood spoke from ‘within
Mt.9:20-22.Her believing
heart spoke words of faith and she was healed. Words that come out of your
mouth are the outpouring of your heart; the mouth speaks out of the abundance
of the heartMt.12:34-35,
therefore, let your heart believe the words of God that are stored there, every
single one, for none shall fall to the ground – ‘heaven and earth will pass away’, not the words of God Mt.24:35.

of unbelief are considered evil for
departing from GodHeb.3:12,
preventing us from entering into God’s restHeb.3:18,
to receive all that God prepared for us. Your heart status defines who you
truly are, watch the thoughts dominant there; guard your heart Prov.4:23.
Rest in God, let His peace ‘guard your
hearts and minds through Christ Jesus’

post: Your words steer the ship of your life.