Excerpts from ‘The Good Father’.

God never intended
for you to combat the enemy on your own. No child of God goes to war at his own
he is sent and armed.The day of battle will come for every believing
father. Like David against Goliath, you will go to
battle in the strength of the Lord
Ps.71:16.You will have help, to thwart the devices of the enemy, just like the woman in
the wildernessRev.12:13-17.
Recognize that the battle against evil forces that contend with you for your
children is between two kingdoms; you must belong to the stronger to defeat the
weaker. Victory is assured only when you are on the side of the Lord. You
cannot take away that which is guarded by a strong man unless you first bind
He will do all he can to prevent the plunder of his goods – even if they are
stolen! You need a stronger than him to come upon him, overcome him and take
away from him the armour in which he trusted. Then you have access to take back
what he stole from youLk.11:22. 

You already have the powerLk.10:19.Like Jesus in the wilderness, command the enemy using
the word of God.As He did for Peter whom the devil desired to
sift as wheat, Jesus has prayed for you. But you must store God’s word in you
richlyCol.3:16, it is wisdom, for use when required.
Rightly divide it, not adding, or taking away from it, that it remains potent.
Hold fast to itPhil.2:16, keep itJn.8:51, and do itLk.8:21. Even if we
are in chains, God’s word cannot be chained2Tim.2:9; speak it
in faith to gain victory.

You have angelic assistance. The devil is a fallen
angel, and all angels must obey His word, they do the voice of the word of GodPs.103:20.
Did you ever know angels or demons to defy the word spoken by the mouth of
Jesus Christ? Send ministering spirits on errands by the words that come out of
your mouth.

Your faith is the authority you
By it, believe that Christ has done all, and speak from a stance of confident
assurance in His final words on the Cross: ‘It
is finished’
. Words spoken from an unbelieving heart have no effect, for
with the heart we believe, then we speak with our mouthsRom.10:10.
Right believing and speaking through faith puts you in good stead for God’s
help. Through faith in God you are able to subdue kingdoms, obtain promises,
stop the mouth of lions, quench the violence of fire, escape the edge of the
sword, fight valiantly, and turn armies to flightHeb.11:33-34.

You have an Advocate in heavenLk.18:7-8,and a Comforter and Teacher who lives in you here on

To engage spiritual warfare and overcome, switch to
divinity in you; let God manifest His great power through you, so that the
world will know His wonderful works and be drawn to Him.