Doing business by faith in God is a choice
to relinquish control to the Commander whose words once sent do not return to Him without accomplishing what they are sent to

Business leaders are commanders in
the economic sphere
; like kings, whether conditions are good or bad, ‘citizens
presume they have their best interest at heart and do as they command. The entrepreneur’s
physical presence is not required; his authority – his power – is in his words:
Where the word of a king is, there is
power… ‘

However, the owner/ manager is not always
in charge of all factors which contribute to business success. The farmer
cannot always guarantee favourable weather conditions for a
bounteous crop yield, marketers cannot give warranty on sales especially in a tough
environment, even where product quality and price are considered competitive. There
are forces that drive business success which are beyond your control. Those who
understand the concept of being sent, know that to wield authority
one must first yield to authority, that they will be successful to
the extent of their submission to their Governing Influence, the One in
authority over them.

As CEO of a corporate catering concern I was
always conscious of the need to submit to the authority of God Almighty. Because
I understood how authority works, I knew every boss has a Boss,
therefore, His word on love guided the way I treated staff, vendors and customers,
and I had peace.

If the Spirit of the King of kings lives
in you, you will not discover how anointed you are until your authority
manifests as you put yourself under His authority. He does not rule by consensus
requiring the agreement of all, nor by consultation relying
on the opinion of others to make decisions or act. In His Kingdom order is
sacrosanct. His commands are decrees not suggestions open for
discussion, argument or controversy. His words – spoken or written – are thoughts
which are far superior to ours and carry His seal.

The Centurion got his servant healed by understanding
authority, its correct and responsible application. Similarly, knowing these
three things can get your business healed:

the capabilities of God on earth and that Jesus represents His authority which none
can contend. Authority is given to edify, not to destroy, its righteous
counters abuse. Humility and integrity are desirable
characteristics for one with mandate to exercise authority.

that the
anointing rests on the Word, that what Jesus said would be done. Whatever you
are anointed to achieve is made easy as you study, meditate upon, get direction
from, speak out and do God’s word in that area of endeavour. Authority is
, latent until the command goes forth; a quiet head is
powerless if he fails to utilize the power in his mouth.

that oil
is destined to flow with the pull of gravity
, from top down. The secret
to wielding authority to those below is yielding to it from above. Thus, you
prepare others and enhance their effectiveness in the use of their own

In trying times when other businesses are fledging,
the key to our ability to weather the storm is to submit to the authority of
the One who promised to be with us always, the Way-Maker who sends His word to
heal our business, just as Jesus did for the Centurion’s servant. Do not be
deceived, God’s word in your mouth is your power, use it to make well all that ails
you and yours, by faith.