next two posts are in continuation of our discourse on releasing the power of
God’s word in your mouth, what to expect your words to
accomplish. They constitute a practical guide to getting your heart’s desire. But
first, a reminder of how spiritual authority works. Observing heaven’s protocol
yields amazing results for all things respond to the authority of the speaker
as well as the power in the words he speaks. Jesus gave us authority and access
to power: our status as the righteousness of God in Christ conveys authority on
us, the word of God in our mouths is power. There is thus no reason not to be
effective at any endeavour, unless of course we fail to exercise faith. The
story of the healing of the Centurion’s servant teaches the correct application
of authorityMt.8:5-13.
Did Jesus not acknowledge his ‘great

1. Authority is knowledge-based:
Being of military training, the Centurion knew the capabilities of a Commanding
Officer like Jesus. To exercise the authority that covenant relationship with God
through Jesus Christ bestows on you, you need know how anointed you are1Jn.2:20.
Like Paul, you need pray that ‘the Father
of glory may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge
of Him…’
 You will never know the ‘exceeding greatness’ of God’s power in
you until you discover the mighty power ‘which
He worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His
right Hand in the heavenly places’
Knowledge of Christ is found in God’s word, He is the Word of GodRev.19:13.
The truth you know sets you freeJn.8:31-32,
enables you stand against anything contending your authority. Knowing God’s
will, His word, in a specific area is the first step to success in that area.
Do not allow failure in any area of your life due to dearth of knowledge of God.
The sons of Sceva could not do as Paul because they did not have his knowledge
of JesusActs.19:11-16.

2  2. Authority is purpose-driven:
Your authority manifests as you become effective in doing God’s purpose. Those
who are given authority must use it responsibly, not for their own inordinate
desire. Righteousness is a critical element in the use of authority, it
counters abuse. ‘When the righteous are
in authority, the people rejoice; but when a wicked man rules, the people
God’s Kingdom, those who desire to wield authority must be willing to use it
for service; every gift of God is spiritual, for edification, given ‘for the profit of all’ 1Cor.12:7.

3   3. The secret to success at wielding authority
is yielding to authority:
Like the Centurion, you
need understand that oil flows with the pull of gravity, from top down. The
Centurion’s servant was healed because his master bowed to the authority of the
higher power working in Jesus. He understood this: a man can apply his authority
for benefit only if he himself is under authority. His words attest to this: ‘For I also am a man under authority, having
soldiers under me…’
The key to your ability to stand against the one who will try to stop your
living the abundant life is to be under authority, to submit to GodJs.4:6-7.Jesus ‘humbled Himself and became obedient
to the point of death…’
and for this God
gave Him a name above every namePhil.2:7-11.

4   4. To reject authority is to reject
its Giver:
In the book of Jude three categories of
apostates are mentioned. The first are God’s people who, in spite of being
saved from bondage in Egypt, complained about everything, and refused to enter
the land promised by God, as instructed. This generation died in the wildernessJude.8,never
taking possession of the free gift of God. The second group comprises fallen
angels who were cast out of heaven along with Satan when they left the place
appointed by God, their CommanderJude.6.Thirdly, the people of Sodom and Gomorrah went against God and gave themselves
over to sexual immoralityJude.7.These too rejected the authority of God over them. Believers who fail to use
the authority given for victorious living not only reject the free gift of God,
they also reject His authority over them. The one in the first category of
apostates suffers dire consequences, just like the men of Israel who, rather
than believe God and take what He had given, were intimidated by mere men. The
one who wilfully leaves his place of assignment – being who God created, doing
Godly purpose – belongs to the second category with the fallen angels. Finally,
the one who goes against God has sealed his fate, just like the Sodomites. I
pray you never fall into any of these groups.

5  5. Authority is word-based,
it is latent until a command goes forth. A quiet believer becomes powerless,
the purpose for which he is given authority is not achieved until he speaks
out. To fail to speak to situations is to deny the power of God’s word and,
inadvertently, grant the devil permission to manifest in your purview. Apostle
Peter warns: ‘Be sober, be vigilant;
because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom
he may devour…
1Pet.5:8.If you let the
devil know he may not have anything that belongs to you, the matter is
settled. God’s word is replete with divinely supplied arsenal, ‘the sword of the Spirit’ Eph.6:17is voice-activated. By it take responsibility to restrain evil from your
territory – life, family, work – even achieve all the purposes outlined in the Blog
post of 1st April, 2017, titled: Your Words Steer the Ship of Your

post: Action steps for performance enhancement, by the Word.