5. Understanding Promotes You: When King Solomon asked God for an understanding heart, he received what he did not ask – honour and riches. For his problem-solving skill, Daniel was promoted. The King ‘gave him many great gifts, and he made him ruler over the whole province of Babylon, and the chief administrator over all the wise men of Babylon.’ Dan.2:48. Riches and honour come with understanding. The Hebrew boys understood the love of God and went boldly into the furnace. They escaped the fire, caused the king to honour God as the only One who can ‘deliver like this’, and were promoted.

By understanding, you attain high levels of achievement, being a problem-solver. You are rewarded for knowing the right thing to do to surmount current challenges, because you have a Godly perspective of what works. You do not spread yourself thin, but remain focussed. You do not worry about things beyond your ken, rather, enter into rest, let God handle your business. You remain calm Prov.17:28 when others are perturbed. Your joy is from within, not the product of your situation but of revelation, the result of understanding.

However, you must be willing to pay the price for understanding; the lazy cannot gain it. Like a sloth which has capacity to eat meat but eats grass because it sleeps much, devoid of understanding Prov.24:30-32, a man’s reality is far below His potential. But the one who pays the price of getting it Prov.4:7c becomes a person of value, attractive, sought-ought. Being a trail-blaizer, he passes through gates, prepares the way for people, removes the stumbling blocks, builds up the highway Is.62:10-12.

6. Understanding Determines When You Get Your Desire: It sets the limits of what your faith may ‘purchase’. Daniel was concerned about the state of His people in capacity, as must have been many Jews, but unlike many others, he did something about it. Having sought and found a word – the record of Jeremiah’s prophecy that Jerusalem would suffer 70 years of desolation – he pursued God on the matter until an angel was sent.

Upward movement is always a battle because gravity works against it. There is also a spiritual dimension: an atmosphere in the realm of th e Spirit, the heavenly places where darkness and spiritual wickedness rule. When a man has wondered from the way of understanding, darkness and wickedness rule over him, causing him to rest in the assembly of the dead Prov.21:16, those who are ignorant.

Daniel prayed but received no answer, therefore, he kept at it for 21 days. Then Gabriel came to tell him how first the prince of the air and then the kings of Persia’ deterred him from bringing answer to prayer. He also told of how Michael released him from their stranglehold to continue the journey. Had Daniel asked ‘Why?’, and been given understanding concerning the delayed response – the happenings in the spiritual realm during his supplication – he probably would have stopped praying after the first day, thanked God, and waited for the angels to complete their assignment!

As a believer, understanding transports you through the realm where angel Gabriel was held hostage, to the place you are seated, in Christ, far above principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness, where neither ignorance nor evil may prevail over you, being under your feet. You know where to get the answers you seek.

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