Believers who desire restoration in any area of their lives, families, even nations must be willing to pay the price for understanding; the lazy cannot gain it. Your pursuit of understanding will cost time in God’s presence, but by it yours will be a problem-solving, world-changing success story. Can you afford it?

Some tips on how to get understanding:

* By Pursuit of God: be deliberate in enquiry, intentional in seeking God as you ‘set your heart to understand’ Dan.10:12. Daniel’s fellowship with God constituted worship, fasting, prayers, supplication and enquiry. We owe much of end-time prophecy to His enquiry. The psalmist was intrigued by how the unGodly are at ease, increase in riches. When he ‘went into the sanctuary of God’, he understood their end; they are brought to destruction in a moment. By this understanding he was promoted to draw near to God, be guided into glory Ps.73.

God’s Spirit in you operates in understanding Is.11:2. Ask and receive Job.32:8.

* By Engaging Prophetic Search: Daniel ‘understood by the books’ Dan.9:2 not just the stipulated period of captivity, but also why ‘disaster’ had come upon his people. He understood that if the people had prayed to God, turned from their iniquities and understood His truth, what He had purposed in His mind against them could have been avoided Dan.9:13-14.

Search the Word of God until you understand every message and every vision Dan.10:1 in matters concerning you. Is all Scripture not given by Godly inspiration to correct and instruct us in His way 1Tim.3:16?

* By Humility: the day Daniel humbled himself before God his words were heard, and the angel was sent in response. The one with a teachable spirit receives understanding because he is willing to be corrected, redirected unto the right path Prov.15:31-33.

Want answers to nagging issues of life? Solutions await you in the place where mercy is obtained and grace is found ‘ to help in time of need’ Heb.4:16; the humble get grace.

* By Divine Assistance: God sends His agents, anointed to minister to you as His Oracle’s: He gives shepherds according to His heart, ‘who will feed you with knowledge and understanding’ Jer.3:15, just like Philip did for the Ethiopian Acts.8:25-38. Discover your fold and stay connected – whether in an assembly, or from afar (TV, books) -. Do not be that bird that wanders from its nest; it is your place of nurturing Prov.27:8.

Angels are ministering spirits, a flaming fire to perform God’s will on earth Heb.1:7. They constitute an innumerable army to help us establish on earth what is already decreed in heaven. They do the voice of the Word of God Ps.103:20, so do not keep quiet. Get angelic assistance for direction to the place of purpose fulfilment Acts.8:26; instruction on what to do Mt.1:20; solution to challenges Gen.31:12; answers to prayers Lk.1:11; strength and comfort Lk.22:43; strategies to win battles Josh.5:14; understanding of visions Zech.1:9; intercession and transmission of messages from God Zech.1:12-17.

Is the pursuit of a glorious destiny worth the investment in understanding? It’s your call.


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