For fulfilment, every business vision
must first be invested with the intangible – revelation, time, knowledge,
understanding, wisdom, grace, and faith. If you believe that the earth is the
Lord’s and all its fullness, then you know that all things are hidden in Him,
available when you get heaven’s agenda, by revelation.

I know of a man who prosecuted an
idea to solve the impending food shortage of a nation: store 20% of produce in
time of plenty.

When famine came, he sold the saved
produce, gathering all the money in the land. When money failed, he took the
peoples’ livestock in exchange for food, and by the end of the year, the people
had nothing but their land and themselves to trade for food. He then gave them
seed to sow on what was now the king’s land and caused them to give a fifth of
their harvest to the king. The people were pleased, he had saved their lives;
he had also enriched the king.

Planning is key to resource
management, it qualifies you to receive more. Wealth always starts with an
idea, a solution to a problem. It remains lifeless until you recognise its
insights and act upon it.

Wealth from an idea can be
transformed into a lifelong flow.

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