God’s word is settled in heaven; He is
faithful to bring it to pass on earthPs.119:89-90.
But nothing in His Kingdom is by compulsion; it is not in God’s character to
force His will on man. Having inquired of God, a father need put the child on
the path of continuous discovery by pointing him to his Creator, encouraging
him from an early age to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Did Jesus
not ask that children not be denied access to HimMt.19:14?

is believing and speakingRom.10:10,
it claims the will of God, but begins where that will is known. There is so
much your child will discover about himself by studying God’s word, enquiring
of his Creator and meditating on[speak to himself]prophetic words received. God places His purpose in a heart that inquires, one
willing to search diligently for it. Every effort of our teachers, even of the
Holy Spirit, is that we be presented to the Almighty, made perfect in ChristCol.1:28.
Knowing this, fathers should edify children, improve their knowledge of the
Word, to assure they are not tossed by the winds of false doctrine, but grow to
the stature of the fullness of ChristEph.4:11-16.
Help children play their part – believing and speaking – to bring God’s prophecy
to pass.

Paul counsels Timothy, his protégé, that ‘in
accordance with the prophecies previously made about’
him, he ‘wage the good warfare, holding faith and a
good conscience’
1Tim.1:18-19.From this charge, we may deduce this: there
is a prophetic word for every lover of God, when it is found, it must be spoken
by faith, and tested against the knowledge of God; if it fails the premise of a
good conscience, it is not from Him. Dad, does what your child say about
himself constitute waging ‘the good
warfare, holding faith and a good conscience’
? Words of doubt or hope? ‘If anyone does not stumble in word, he is a
perfect man…’

Jacob raised his
son Joseph to have character and the capacity to continue in God’s presence, even
in his father’s absence. When faced with adversity, your children need take a
stand for what God said, or is saying, whatever the consequence, having learned
to trust and yield to Him only. When they agree with God’s purpose and stay on
His path for them, continuously affirming His words by believing and speaking
it however challenging the journey, they access the resources that come with
His blessing.


Thank You, Lord, for
granting my family access to all You bequeathed to Christ and for revealing, by
Your Spirit, who we are and what belongs to us. Touch our hearts, Lord, cause
us to desire intimate fellowship with Your word to know Your will, to trust,
worship and serve You only; that our hearts no longer be ruled by our flesh but
by Your Spirit. Thank You for grace to walk in obedience to Your willRm.6:14. We will claim all,
for the willing and obedient eat the good You giveIs.1:19,in Jesus name.


the name of Jesus, and by the super-abounding grace of God, my children and I
continuously seek the Giver of good gifts and follow His guidance, knowing He has
orchestrated fulfilment of every word He spoke about usMt.1:22.Like Samuel we achieve purpose1Sam.2:35;like Jesus we grow in wisdom, stature and favour with God and menLk.2:40;like Johnthe
Baptist we grow to become strong in spirit until the day of our manifestationLk.1:80.God performs all things for usPs.57:2to give us the future He planned before the
foundation of the worldJer.29:11, our
expected end.Thank You, Jesus.