is a supernatural sign that follows believers Mk.16:17, it isevidence
of our connection to the heavenly realm. Being the initial sign of the baptism
of the Holy Spirit Acts.2:4,it
is an overflow that overwhelms us
with God’s awesomeness. Who would not want such Gift? Our spirituality is critical to success at living the abundant
life on earth; only the spiritual may discern the things1Cor.2:9-15that God’s divine power has given us2Pet.1:3,and draw them
from the heavenly realm Eph.1:3into his physical space. How? The more he prays God’s precise will, in season,
the more of His goodness he is able to draw. It starts at the altar of
fellowship with the One to Whom he belongs, conversing in a heavenly language,
not even aware of what he asks! Your life will respond to what you do in the
discipline of prayer, the place where you tap into God’s ability ‘to do exceedingly abundantly above all that [you]
. Let us examine some benefits to you of praying in Tongues.

Tongues open up your understanding of
the word of God. Why did Paul have the most revelation of Jesus Christ? Perhaps
because he said that he spoke in tongues more than the other disciples. The
more you speak in tongues, the more the Word lights up to you, and the more of
God is revealed to you in His word. Why is understanding of God’s word critical
to fathering? In it lies the knowledge of God, our wisdom instruction manualEph.1:17,
it is where we find grace and peace2Pet.1:2,
it makes us ‘fruitful in every good work’,
successful at every endeavour because, by it, we learn how to please GodCol.1:10.
How many of the features of your high-end Smart Phone are you missing use of
not knowing or understanding its workings?

Praying in the Spirit has
problem-solving capabilities, Being Spirit-minded, tuned to the frequency of
God, you have the supernatural ability of God to rule over circumstances by His
wisdom. Not engaging this God-given power, you may likely live your life in an
unsaved manner, like a ‘mere man’. Example:
my bathroom toilet was draining water constantly and I locked the water supply
thought I had!]. Water drained throughout the night, keeping me
awake, mopping, to prevent flooding. While at my morning fellowship with my
Father, praying in tongues, at 04.13 a.m. I got it! Flush all the water out of
the commode, stop the flow by placing the dial in the middle not the left or
right. Who would have thought?

You cannot pray in tongues and be evil,
or act like a child of disobedience. The Holy Spirit helps your infirmity,
shows you the things you need to be snatched from, keeps you from falling, and
presents you faultless before the presence of God. Pray in tongues to keep
yourself in the love of God, and cultivate the fruits of His Spirit planted in
you – ‘love, joy, peace, patience,
kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control’
Gal.5:22.You become more merciful,
understand human nature; you are not disappointed by the actions of others – even
belligerent teenagers! You do not take offence personally, knowing we all sin
and fall short of God’s glory. All the walls that divide, such as class, race,
age etc. are broken down. Praying in tongues improves your love walkRom.5:5:Jesus’ greatest
miracles were performed out of compassion.

4.     Opposition
is dedicated to bring every child of God down. Jesus’ ministry started when,
after being baptized in the Holy Spirit, He defeated the devilMt.4:1-11.
Fathers also need this power to drive the devil from their lives, homes, communities
and nations. To walk in the power of love, and handle plots you have no idea
about, or know how to fix, pray in tongues. Damage is done to the Kingdom of Darkness
– agents of spiritual wickedness targeted ‘to
steal, and to kill, and to destroy’
Jn.10:10must depart from you.

Prayer:I know Lord that Your vision for me is much bigger than what one
generation can carry, therefore, I thank You for covering my children and future
generations with your promises.  Being restored
to Your image and likeness, weno
longer rely on physical or mental strength, buthave
the abilityto operate in this
world at the level of spiritual strength, the superior, ‘more excellent way’ 1Cor.12:31.Thank You,

the name of Jesus, and by the super-abounding grace of God, I declare that as Jesus was a seed planted to bear the fruit of sons for the
Lord, so my children and I are trees of righteousness, His planting, to glorify
Him, as we rebuild, repair and renew our portion of the earth Is.61:3-4,drawing sons to Him.Thank You, Jesus.

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