I interrupt the discourse on the power
of our speaking spirits because of a burden in my heart for those who yet
wonder: What did Jesus do for me? As we commemorate the death and resurrection
of Jesus this season, I write this 3-part post for believers who have not made
the redemptive work of Jesus Christ personal, perhaps because of skewed
understanding of the real purpose for the expression of Divinity in Humanity on
planet earth; for the visitation of God Almighty to reset His order in our
world. The redemptive work
done by Jesus the Christ has manifold dimensions:

1.      The only thing that separated Adam and his
wife from God was sin; it brought judgment upon them. Jesus saved
you from the wrath of God2Cor.2:15which would have brought His judgment upon you.His
death justified you, making you blameless before God; by the slaying of the
Lamb of God, He did not just atone for [cover] your transgressions, sins and
iniquities, He remitted [removed] them totally such that God remembers them no

The Law of Sin and Death no longer rules
over you, the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ now prevails. You may ‘enter the holy place by the blood of Jesus’;
you have a High Priest who constantly intercedes for you with your Father in
heaven, and you receive all you ask in His name, by faith, no sin
consciousness; no curses attached – generational or otherwise. You recognize
that grace does not cover sin, is not an excuse to continue in sin, that it
enables you to live above sin, therefore, you draw grace to love what God loves
and hate what He hates, by faith;

2.      No man can of his own be righteous before a
holy GodIs.64:6a,none
is justified in God’s sight by his worksRom.3:20. Christ fulfilled God’s promise to
establish the seed of Abraham in the righteousness from HimIs.54:14-17when God ‘made Him who knew no sin
to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him’
2Cor.5:21.The gift of
righteousness is to those who have faith in GodRom.4:3, 5. Enoch was in right standing
with God, he walked with God and did not suffer deathGen.5:24;
Noah too, and his household were saved. Why is your
righteousness in Christ so integral to successful living? It is the root of the
blessing of God, your qualification for receiving of HimRom.4:6-8:

·  God
secures and protects youProv.18:10,
exempts you from present evil2Cor.5:21.
Be righteousness-conscious; your faith is the key to your safety in perilous

·  You
are rewarded2Sam.22:21-25,
enjoy the favour of GodPs.5:12,
are poised to receive all that is due to you as His sonPs.37:18-19,

·  You
have divine direction, your steps are ordered by the Lord and you are upheld by
His handPs.37:23;

·  God
always hears your cry, for His eyes are on youPs.34:15,
to deliver you out of every troublePs.34:17, 19;

·  You
enjoy the presence of God; you are anointed with the oil of gladnessPs.45:7;

·  You
are always provided forPs.34:9-10.In the house of
the righteous, ‘there is much treasure.’ Ps.15:6;

·  You
are kept on a shining path that leads to lifeProv.4:18,you
for ever Dan.12:3,
eing instructed in the way of life, even in your

· Righteousness
brings peace, quietness and assurance foreverIs.32:17-18;when
you let the peace of God rule your heartCol.3:15,it
is a blessing that strengthens you,being power to the faintPs.29:11; it helps you
wait on the Lord, anxious for nothing, able to mount up with wings as eagles,
walk and not faintIs.50:29-31.

By righteousness, you reign in lifeRom.5:17.
It is one of the channels the heavenly Father has supplied to empower you, to
help you achieve every assignment, even leadership Is.32:1,
therefore, ‘pursue righteousness’ 1Tim.6:11.Be
wary of the devil, ‘the enemy of
do not allow yourself be unequally yoked with the sons of disobedience, ‘for, what partnership has righteousness
with lawlessness?’