End of year
is a time when many believers put themselves under undue pressure. It often has
to do with unrealized dreams. They take stock of the events of the closing year,
measure their performance against set goals and targets made in the course of
previous years as well as the year in review, and consider that goals not achieved,
potentials not tapped, and missed opportunities are a sign of failure.

What follows
is recrimination, guilt for being less than an unrealistic standard – the result
of unjustifiable comparisons – and, inadvertently, low self-esteem. By themselves,
they kill their joy.

Many have
applied their faith to claim victories that never came, waited on God for
breakthroughs that never happened. High hopes built on the prophetic words received
at the mouth of those who proclaim falsely ‘Thus
saith the Lord…
‘ – charlatans seeking a platform to profit from deception
of the simple – have been dashed. Yet, because ‘with God all things are possible’ Mt.19:26, the deceived still believe that their
expectations will not be cut off! It took the Creator six days to form and fill
the earth; surely He does not need more days to meet a need – especially one
for which we have given sacrificially, sown precious seed!

What are some of the traps believers may guard
against as another year comes to a close?

Expecting God to do what He has not
: God is not obliged to do what He has not ordained.Heaven already has a record of your
lifePs.40:7, 56:8; you employ faith in prayer when what is
written is known. Search the Scriptures
to discover what is written ‘in the volume
of the book
’ about you
Heb.10:7then make
declarations based on God’s word, His revealed will. By this you exercise ‘a good conscience’ and do not ‘shipwreck’ your faith
1Tim1:19.Let Him have His way in your life, being
fully cognizant that His plans are far superior to yoursIs.55:8-9.