Every word that proceeds from the mouth of God is true; every promise will be fulfilled. Every prophecy spoken by the One able to do all things, with Whom all things are possible, will come to pass. God’s promise to Abraham was confirmed by an oath to show the immutability of His word, for God cannot lie. Likewise every promise to believers, through our faith in Jesus Christ, stands sure Heb.6:16-20.

Seven actions believers may take daily to maximise the benefit of God’s word:

1. As you read, meditate on, think of and hide it in your heart, seeking diligently to know God’s will, find yourself in it, for we are all ‘sons of the prophets’ Acts.3:25. Receive revelation of His vision for you and what is required of you. For a prosperous, successful life get His plan for you, understand it and prove it Josh.1:8.

2. God’s word shows you things you do not know Jer.33:3. A prophetic word reveals the things prepared for you 1Cor.2:9-10. It is ‘a light that shines in a dark place’ 2Pet.1:19; heed it. Ask the Holy Spirit for understanding and direction. You will likely need to ‘wage the good warfare’ by it 1Tim.1:18.

3. Believe God and in the efficacy of His word; recognise its value, appreciate it, rejoice in it and testify to it. Know that it works and you will not be susceptible to the deception of false doctrine, or be ‘destroyed for lack of knowledge’ Hos.4:1, 6.

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