may learn elements of son-ship from Jesus. As He prayed to the Father, so must
they, for men ought always to prayLk.18:1.
What must a father pray? The same as Jesus taught – God’s will. No other
foundation for fathering can be laid but to emulate successful fathering from
the Almighty God Himself, the ultimate Father.

There is a
dimension of prayer that comes from the spirit, another from the realm of
understanding. Do not rest your prayer life in what you understand only, else
you will not pray about mysterious things in the world – even in your life – which
you do not understand [This
is most things, for, you know not how you ought to prayRom.8:26]. If you pray only in this realm, your
answer may not come, for we do not receive if we ask amiss; for answer-worthy
prayer, you need to reach beyond your understanding. Language is a universal power, it strengthens, clarifies and
upholds communication. Everything in created order has a language that joins
the unit, dogs talk dog, birds talk bird, men speak in diverse tongues; even
angels have languages. None speak the language of another specie. But the words
of man, speaking spirits created in God’s image and likeness, were initially
not for communication, but for creation, as He showed in the beginningGen.1:3. Now you know,
use the heavenly language to create features of the Father’s will for every
member of your household.

The first thing God
did for the Redeemed was to give us His Spirit. By the enablement of He who
gives ‘utterance’, a believer may
converse fluently in a language he never knew or learned, if the need to
communicate God’s will should arise. By this same enablement, if he so desires,
he may speak the language of heaven directly to God, mysteries that no other
need understand, things edifying to him alone. I imagine that when God came
down to fellowship with the first couple ‘walking
in the garden in the cool of the day’
Gen.3:8, they did not
speak English!

A new covenant between
God and many became effective after Jesus shed His Blood, defeated the cross, and
resurrected from the dead. With it came a new language. Being a ‘new creation’1Cor.5:17, a believing
father need speak the language that joins him to his specie, mysteries
identifying him with those of the heavenly realm.

Having raised a
new kind of people whose dominion on earth was restored, Jesus said one of our new
skills will be to speak with new tongues
Mk.16:17-18. None can
function effectively in God’s Kingdom without speaking the language given. When
Paul prayed in tongues, his regenerated spirit prayed, and he received much of
the revelation of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Fathers too need this
quickening. God understands only one prayer language – the language of His will.
It is the language of faith, of love. A wise father knows that to receive
answer to prayer, to see God’s counsel done in his household as it is in heaven,
to have his petitions granted,he need speak heaven’s will1Jn.5:14. You need also
know this: God does not speak defeat, so pray with confidence, go boldly to His
throne to receive mercy and find grace whenever you need itHeb.4:16. When you pray
in the unknown tongue, the Spirit Himself, who knows the will of God, the
greatest Search Engine in the universe, makes intercession for you, and you get
resultsRom.8:27. Why? By
praying God’s will, believers fill the golden bowls carried by the 24 elders in
the throne–room with incenseRev.5:8; we register our presence in heaven and
enrich the aroma of the atmosphere there; our offering is presented to the One
who answers prayerPs.141:2!

Paul wished all
would pray in tongues, speak not to men but to God, just like him. By praying
in tongues, resolve all life issues – who to partner with, what to do, where to
go, and when, how to be delivered from bad habits, avoid pitfalls, stop the
attack of the enemy. The list is without end. God’s thoughts and ways are not
ours; we need to speak His language to get His power for accomplishment of
things beyond our understanding.

Prayer:Thank You, Jesus, for the prayer language Your Spirit gives me
utterance for. By it every question is answered, solution to every life
challenge is proffered. I can create all I need, replace everything the devil stole,
repair all that is broken, and be guided to become a‘good’ manPs.37:23.
Lord, I consecrate myself to You,
that I may be great in Your sight, bring joy and gladness to You, and cause
many to rejoice, and give You glory.

the name of Jesus, and by the super-abounding grace of God, I declare:As I pray in tongues, the
light of God’s word falls on my path to instruct me on how to be a good father,
daily.The words I speak are seeds
that yield a bounteous harvest in the lives of everyone in my household, in due
You, Jesus.