There is a well-known secret to
surmounting businesses challenges, but no one wants to talk about it. It is
neither taught in Business Schools nor discussed in business seminars. But it

Every business is for service, rooted
in the love of God and man, powered by a vision, fuel

ed by a mission that’s
bigger than its manager, to achieve God’s purpose on earth. Your positioning in
any industry is to ‘occupy’, bring light to, and salt that Sector. As an
Apostle in the marketplace, you minister to a specific people, at a specific
place, to meet specific needs, being correctly motivated by God’s will. Just as
Albert Einstein suggested, problems are rarely solved at the level they were
created; you need to think from a higher plane!

Successful entrepreneurs exercise a
good dose of faith. While thinking through solutions, they don’t get caught up
in what they think can or can’t be done; they believe possibilities are
endless, therefore, discover various. Being open-minded, they mind-storm
solutions without limits, knowing that some solutions will make sense, while
the others which do not are indications that they are pushing the boundaries of
what is possible.

Part 1 of the e-book, ‘Wealth
from an Idea or for a Lifetime.’
, is titled ‘Business is
In it is discussed the source of wisdom for getting wealth, the purpose
for wealth and its administration.

Since wealth is from God, it must be used to honour Him, without
presuming that our power produced it, or that we can handle it as we deem fit.
Suffice to say here that God seeks those to value His bounty and apply wealth
wisely. His hand is provoked to assist such persons.Business and ministry are intertwined.
Having set your vision on a higher purpose, when you are overwhelmed, you can