God’s plan for a father is to be bedrock of His family, the one that gives strength to endure, just as does the foundation of a building. The entity starts with a man, he finds a wife and invites her to build a home with him; the children are gifts from God, a heritage is created, a family founded.

Adam was created male and female, therefore both the male man and the female man were given the mandate to ‘tend and keep’ the garden Gen.2:15. However, headship of the family was clearly defined when it pleased God to create the woman and  appoint her as the man’s helper v.18. The ‘Most High rules in the Kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever He chooses’ Dan.4:25c.

King Solomon’s counsel – “Hear my children the instruction of a father, and give attention to know understanding… ” Prov.4:1-6 – situates the male man as instructor, the King who who assures continuity of God’s Kingdom on earth. With the help of his divinely-appointed Helper, the one given ruler-ship should ensure that human continuance is according to the Creator’s will. This arrangement is not to demean the woman; it merely represents divine structure and order.

Being part of the mandate to tend and keep, the woman has her own purpose, her work, which may make it necessary for her to be in paid employment, pursuing a career, business or ministry. On the other hand, her work as Helper to the man requires that the head with a vision for the family know and divulge what he needs help with. Together, man and woman will preserve the resources God put in the Ground, the Sea and the Air, and propagate systems that distribute the wealth generated by the use of these resources in a Godly manner, that God’s glory may fill communities, nations, and the whole earth.

The reality of what obtains in many families is a far cry from the original plan of the Creator. The breakdown of families worldwide is evidence that many fathers either do not have a family vision, or have not shared it with their helpers, thus fostering the absence of structure and order in the family. Many women are forced to be sole provider of all their household needs, bread winners to lazy, irresponsible husbands. Without a doubt many men are genuinely incapacitated for various reasons which include inability to secure employment, or loss of means of sustaining the family via ill-health or business failures. A father’s constraint to provide for His family should only be for a season; wives are generally frustrated when a temporary state assumes permanence.

Treated as work horses, many a Helper has become the help! She pays the bills, takes care of the children, the husband, even the ungrateful outlaws!!! Though the efforts of mothers are far-reaching and much appreciated, they do not replace fathers. The One who instituted the family purposed for the collaboration of two persons to make it successful. He did not design the cocoon which assures the continuity of mankind to be handled by a single administrator, male or female. The Father will have help, but he must take responsibility for his assignment as head. He must arise, to carry the baton of leadership.

As fathers take over headship of families, they pass on the torch of God’s covenant with man to generations, divine order is restored, and nations will be exalted to a righteous state, just as the Almighty purposed.