Everyone on earth will find his true self in Christ. Like Peter, we need receive a revelation of Jesus
Christ that only the Almighty can give. Then we will discover Who
we are, Whose we are, and Where we are from. Let us use the
words of Jesus to Peter as our guideMt.16:13-19.

ONE: ‘You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church’. The
Church is built on the revelation of Jesus Christ as the Son of the living God.
Peter is not the ‘rock’, the
revelation is, for it is sure. As part of the Body of Christ, the power to
become your true self, God’s specific ‘thought
for you, is released as you are being conformed to the image of His SonRom.8:29.

TWO:Knowing Whose
you are grants assurance of victory over any evil that may come against you in
the achievement of what you are called to be – ‘and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it’. The One you
belong to has overcome the world; He has destroyed all the works of the enemy.
All you need do is walk in that victory;

THREE:Knowledge of Where
you are from, your country of origin, is your confidence that every tool
required to function effectively in your assignment as a citizen of the Kingdom
of God is already supplied – ‘and I will
give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven’.
You are authorised to
represent heaven on earth – ‘and whatever
you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will
be loosed in heaven

What exactly do you
discover about yourself when Christ is revealed to you?

Ø  That you are the work of God’s Hands, created in Christ, even
before the foundation of the worldEph.2:10;

Ø  That
because it is God’s plan to, in the fullness of time, gather everything to
Himself, in Christ, you who are already positioned thereEph.2:6are in God’s willEph.1:10;

Ø  That
you are a new creature in Christ2Cor.5:17,
incomparable to any other outside of the Body of Christ. The freedom to be what
God created you to be – male, female etc. – is found in ChristGal.3:28,
not in your acceptance by men;

Ø  That
your son-ship of God is by faith in ChristGal.3:26,
therefore you are entitled to the inheritance
that Christ died and rose to secure for youRev.5:12;

Ø  That
having been forgivenEph.4:32,
your redemption and justification is in ChristRom.3:24,
therefore, none can condemn or judge youRom.8:1;

Ø  That
God’s kindness is delivered to you in ChristEph.2:7,
for every spiritual blessing is given thereEph.1:3.Abraham’s
blessings are yours through faith in ChristGal.3:14;

Ø  That
having been made alive in Christ1Cor.15:22,
you have also received the gift of eternal lifeRom.6:23;

Ø  That
grace, faith and love to make you strong and able to live the saved life with
ease are available in Christ1Tim:14, 1Tim.2:1.
You can live above sin;

Ø  That
you are established and anointed in Christ2Cor.1:21,
your call, all that God requires you to be and do, is in ChristPhil.3:14;
every purpose of God, even for eternity, is already accomplished in Christ. You
can never be a failure;

Ø  That
because you are established in the
righteousness of God in Christ, you have no cause to fear anything or anyone. Nothing
can stop you, those who gather against him will fall for your sake, God who created
all weapons of warfare did not make any that can work against youIs.54:17.

every effort of your teachers and shepherds, even of the Holy Spirit is that
you be presented to the Almighty, having been made perfect, in ChristCol.1:28.
If any apostle, or prophet, or evangelist, or pastor, or teacher is not
perfecting you, or edifying the Body of Christ, or increasing your knowledge of
the Son of God, that you should no longer be a child tossed to and fro by the
winds of false doctrine, but grow to the stature of the fullness of ChristEph.4:11,
you have no business sitting under such.

is so much more to discover about yourself when you study God’s word, meditate
on it and enquire of your Creator. You will never know what power lies in you
until you know who you are created to be, for the one from above is above all.