No one rises by chance but on the strength of knowledge [light]; greatness is never
by coincidence, but systemic. To walk circumspectly as wise, you must
understand which specific knowledge – truth – brings the desired result.

We go up intentionally, not just by desire but by innovative
thoughts, words and corresponding actions.Success principles are keys, ‘laws’ which creation
designed to be respected, light which occasions a lifting by whoever applies
them. They work for business, relationship, career, and every life endeavour. Should
anynot work in your life or business does not negate it, what
you need is an encounter to grasp its rules of engagement; we fail when we violate or corrupt these systems.

Having found these keys, you
will know what to do.Life
is spiritual, the possibilities in the God of Creation are not limited by His
power, but by your alignment to His way. At every crossroad, where prompt
decision-making is critical to advancement, you need first look around, do an
honest assessment of your situation, ask the Godly way, then walk in it. God’s works were established by wisdom;
His words formed and filled the earth, therefore, every foundation laid by
instruction from it will cause the outcome to be good’.

A tried and tested
process by which to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want
to be is to work at systematic goal-setting.The expected
outcome of this coaching series is to acquire knowledge on envisioning,
creating, tracking, achieving a value-adding desire in a specific timeframe,
and sustaining the same result over the long term.