Project success is predicated
on critical factors which include: Effective
leadership, Strategic planning, Involvement of people of capability,
competence and character, Action
plans which break the strategic plan into achievable and measurable goals. However
well-documented your vision, fail-proof your plans and goals, and excellent the
quality of your partners’ input, achievement of your dreams and vision depends
on your taking charge of every facet of actualization, as lead facilitator on

3. Take
full responsibility for your own part of vision fulfilment.

You are the leader of Project You,
the one in constant fellowship with the Giver of purpose, to know His current
will.The three dimensions of the work to be done are spiritual,
intellectual and physical, therefore be diligent to engage your creative
capacity in all these spheres. You have the ability to believe and choose the
blessings that you receive. Visualize the end from the beginning, make God’s
will the desire of your heart, keep it in focus and pursue it vigorously – with
passion. He wants you to prosper in all that you do3Jn.2but you
must first settle the matter of your prosperity in your heart and in your mind.

Tune your frequency to heaven, for heaven has an agenda: heaven
knows. Rely on divine guidance. David always inquired of God, he never lost any
battle; Elisha at the brook of Cherith knew when it was time to move on, by
Godly instruction. Stay connected to the Source, always seeking a word in
season, knowing that your times are in His hands. Those who trust in God have
peaceIs.26:3for their steps are directed. Be diligent in
prayer: the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Elijah,
even after God had promised rain, continued in prayer until there was
manifestation of the promise.

God’s plan for you is bigger than what you can imagine. He desires
that you represent heaven on earth, to establish His Kingdom in every sphere over
which you gain influence. You will need to engage spiritual mapping, destroy the
altars of the gods of this world, remove the priests that serve there, enthrone
Jesus as Lord and become king and priest over your sectors. By divine intelligence
you will proffer solutions to the problems of men in those spheres. The
strategies for take-over are not the devices of men. Heavenly blueprints, God’s
Kingdom prototypes which are guaranteed to work, need be downloaded.

God needs thinking men and women who can weigh options, be precise
in decision-making and proactive, like the lepers after the siege on Samaria,
who went out of the city gates from a place of scarcity to meet plenty in the
camp of the Syrians. They were the first partakers of the loot. You may need a
paradigm shift; a renewing of your mind that transforms you to the Godly way defines
your perception of how the vision will be brought to pass. In God’s Kingdom,
things are done differently from the world way. Wisdom prevails there not
strength; faith, patience and love, not intellectual prowess and manipulative measures
to win the rat race. You may also need to sharpen the saw – take courses, read
extensively, expand your knowledge in your chosen field. Knowledge empowers. You
cannot afford to procrastinate otherwise someone else will realize your dream, for
heaven deplores a vacuum.

to purpose fulfilment is the speaking of prophetic utterances, what God has
said, to bring all things in alignment with His good thoughts for youJer.29:11.
Your words are weighted with power; they draw every resource required to you,
even persons of interest in the realization of your goals!