Anointed with the Spirit of Christ Phil.4:13, 1Cor.2:16, believers succeed at every God-given undertaking. Whatever we lay our hands on, even without prior experience prospers, for He guides us into all truth, keeps us from harm, able to thwart the devices of the enemy. He defends and helps us as directed by the conversation in heaven. How do we join the conversation and tap into this power source? By a lifestyle of faith and prayer, as we demonstrate our love for God and each other.

Jesus was and still is a Man of prayer, our High Priest intercedes always for us with the Father in heaven Heb.4:14. If His disciples had not witnessed the manifestation of the power of God through Him, one of them would not have asked: ‘Lord, teach us to pray…’ Lk.11:1. It is instructive that in His response the conditions stated for having the Father’s will prevail on earth include our forgiveness, escape from temptation, and deliverance from ‘the evil one’ v.4. By the shedding of the Blood of Jesus we who have been delivered from the evil one are also made the righteousness of God in Christ 2Cor.5:21. We know to live right, to avoid temptation, for God’s promise to write His laws in our hearts and minds cannot fail Heb.10:16. To be effective disciples we must protect the treasure in us, come out from among the sons of disobedience 2Cor.6:17, watch the company we keep Ps.1:1-3, knowing that we need the One ‘stronger than’ the ‘strongman’ to relieve him of his ‘spoils’ Lk.11:22, the inheritance he stole from us in Adam, even the souls of men.

Adam was righteous until he sinned and took on iniquity, the nature of Satan. The nature of God is righteousness. But when we sin and fall short all we need do is confess and be forgiven, cleansed of all unrighteousness 1Jn.1:19.

When we bear the fruit of the righteousness imputed on us our prayers of faith are answered Js.5:16, Jn.15:16. Living in us is our Protective Sensor and Senior Partner, bearing fruit that edifies Gal.5:22-23, as we allow.

In the place of prayer, while in fellowship with your heavenly Father, you will see and hear Him; you will receive divine intelligence concerning everything that concerns you, your role in destiny fulfilment such that, like Abraham, the Lord will reveal all to you, saying: ‘Shall I hide from [insert your name] what I am doing…?’ Gen.18:17. You will ask and receive: Revelation, Instruction, Power, Healing, Deliverance, Restoration, Correction, Counsel, Peace and Renewal. Because the altar is a place of exchange, of covenant in practice, where both parties have a part to play, you must also expect to give to God: Praise, Submission, Repentance, Worship, Rejoicing, Thanksgiving and Meditation on His word. Having spent time with God, like Jesus, you are undaunted in the face of threatening circumstances, emboldened to do as commanded.

The place of fellowship with God is also the place to stir up His Gift in you, to activate the power latent in you, be strengthened in your spirit man. Apostle Paul discusses the ‘diversi!es of gifts’ of the Spirit of God, the ‘differences of administra!ons’ of the Lord, and the ‘diversities of operations’ empowered by our God in 1Cor.12:1-31. To assist in your study of this text I offer some simple thoughts on spiritual gifts:

☆ The Holy Spirit lives in us with all His attributes, His ‘gifts’, ‘administrations’ and ‘operations’ are available for our use, as we allow by faith. When we ‘earnestly desire’ to put any to good use all we need do is ask for it. The Father is always willing to give good things to His sons who ask in Jesus’ name Mt.7:11. The Spirit grants your request as He wills;

☆ No one has exclusive rights to any of these gifts, none is the preserve of church leaders, for there is no partiality with God Rom.2:11.

☆ No gift is more important than any other. God desires that we care for each other, therefore the distribution of gifts reflects our need for each other, that there be no division in the Body of Christ;

☆ Every attribute is purposed to benefit all, not to hurt any;

☆ We neglect the gift of God in us at our own peril, for it is good, given in love to empower us 2Tim.1:6-7, make us effective at what we are sent to do.

☆ The operation of these gifts in us produces apostles, prophets, teachers, miracles, healings, helps, and governments.

God wants you to see beyond the visible, to know what He has purposed for you, to stir in you the passion to achieve what has already been settled in the spirit realm, to make His mind your mandate. When we give ourselves to God as empty vessels, He fills us with His fullness. Your Father in heaven has put so much power in you, use lavishly.

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